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Planet Fashion Controls Good Market Share in Kathmandu


, a multi-brand outlet for men’s wear in Kathmandu valley has launched a new range of winter clothing for style-conscious consumers. The collection includes more than 100 winter garments like jackets, blazers, sweatshirts, hoods, long shirts and pants in various fabrics, designs, fits and styles.

The store, a subsidiary of the of India, offers products from brands like , and . The clothes are of both casual and formal categories.

Customers can choose from 35 varieties of jackets, 20 new variants of blazers, 25 new variants of hoods and 20 variants of pants and full shirts. The company also offers a range of suits targeting marriages and partygoers.

Planet Fashion has been in operation for the last six years and has seen significant growth in the number of loyal customers. The company claimed to have the highest in premium men’s wear in the Kathmandu valley.