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Better food courts and mall structure add to revenue

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The India Shopping Centre Forum, 2011 saw an interesting debate between restaurant owners and architects, who spoke about the importance of upgrading the food quotient at Indian malls and building a strong design to attract more customers. Anchored by Samir Kuckreja, president, NRAI & MD, Nirula’s, the session on’ Upgrading the Food Quotient Of Indian Malls’ had experts like Sanjeev Kapoor, MD, Yellow Chilli; Riyaaz Amlani, director, Impresario Enternatinment and Hospitality; Gaurav Modwel, CEO, Wadhawan Holdings and Arindham Kumar, VP Mall Management, DLF among others. The panelists shared their experiences and expressed their views, on how to make a mall generate more revenue and bring in a rise of number of customers through better infrastructure and affordable and well-located food courts at malls.

Speaking on the need to improve and promote food courts in Malls, Sunil Kapur, Chairman Travel Food Services said, “The fact that good food at malls results in better profits is a given fact. But the income will multiply if the mall offers something different than the rest. Introducing different cuisines apart from the traditional ones will mean an added cost but the return will be far better. The secret to increased footfalls lies in the taste buds of the customers.”

Adding to this Sanjeev Mehra, VP – mall operations, South City Projects, said that there should be a mix of food, fun and entertainment. “If you have a food court at the exit of a film theatre, people will surely get there to grab a bite at the food stalls. Hence, there is a blend of entertainment and food, bringing in great returns. The food available should also be a mix of both traditional and international cuisines."

Arindam Kunar, VP – mall management, DLF, stressed on the placement of the food courts at the malls. According to him food houses like McDonald’s and KFC are killer brands and these need to be placed at the right location to entice people to explore the entire mall before reaching to them.

Talking on the design aspect of a mall were Christopher Lanksbury,main board member and partner, Chapman Taylor, UK; Rajan Vernekar, design director, SQ.FT, Deepti Goel, head mall strategy, Ambience Mall, Nayan Bheda, managing director, Neptune Group; Ashley Allen, registered architect, WGST, New Zealand and Tushar Ved, India Head, Major Brands.

At the discussion on the power of mall design, panelists put forward their ideas and discussed about the requirement of the latest design trends, strong concepts, retail plans and effective mall models. “At a mall the apparel stores should be followed by footwear outlets and accessories, making it easy for both men and women to shop at the same level at the mall,” said Tushar Ved, India Head, Major Brands.

As the discussion continued, the panel elucidated the necessity of landscaping, proper lighting and ample space for the easy movement of the customers, in order to bring out a neat and composite structure.

– IndiaRetailing Bureau


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