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Men can do nothing but rejoice as their skincare options increase each day. Soon they may be as spoiled for choice as women!
The last two months have seen several new launches to help create that Hrithik Roshan/ Richard Gere look you may admire.
One of the important questions is:
What do men do to keep their skin in shape under all that bristling hair?
It’s not simply about shaving, although a survey by A C Neilsen and Gillette Mach 3 Turbo last year says that 80 percent of men feel more handsome after shaving. It’s not even about youth, although the same survey cites that men in metros such as
Delhi, Chennai and Ahmedabad shave more frequently to look younger (86 percent, 86 percent, 83 percent respectively).
It seems to be more about the care taken and some products that may help.

Dermalogica’s Shave Collection
A new Shave collection from Dermalogica launched in April connects men to skincare with products that offer dual purpose applications and also cater to men with different kinds of beards. Their Shave Mapping skin analysis (done at Dermalogica skin treatment centers) studies hair growth patterns and skin condition and comes up with solutions with eight products (six new and two relaunched). The first step is the Pre Shave products, which include: a cleaning bar, a scrub, and pre-shave guard for conditioning and softening a tough beard. The second step is the Soothing Shave Cream, a Shave Gel and a Close Shave Oil for a more precise shave. The final step comes with the Post Shave Balm and a daytime moisturizer with SPF 15.

North for Men
Swedish direct selling company Oriflame has brought to the market (May 2009) a three-step skincare regimen. The range, North for Men, is simpler, with an Active Face Wash, Shaving Gel, Shaving Foam and After Shaving Moisture Balm. The technologies here are different: Arctic Pro Defence in the non-drying face wash, Glide-Tech technology for the shaving gel and the rhodiola root extract. This protects against both internal and external aggressors.

Power light from Garnier
We have saved the big secret for the end: Garnier’s new men’s range had its worldwide launch in India in May. This is what it’s products are about: brightening and anti-pigmentation, with natural ingredients.“Today Indian men are big time into grooming. They look after themselves and want to look good too,” John Abraham said at the launch. “But there are not enough products to meet their growing needs.”

After that, men are not complaining any more. The market is catering to their needs like never before.

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