Sundeep Kumar Chugh

Who’s Who: 10 Leaders of Fashion Retail

The fashion retail category continues to lead modern retail in India backed by the ever growing dreams of the Indian fashion consumer. The journey of fashion from ‘need’ to ‘want’ and now to ‘aspire’ is truly on its way....

Sundeep Kumar Chugh, Chief Executive Officer, Benetton India Pvt Ltd

Sundeep K. Chugh is the Chief Executive Officer of Benetton India Pvt Ltd. He has also served as Commercial Director and has proven commercial, marketing, retail development and human resources expertise. Chugh - who holds a business degree from Delhi...
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The Growing Urban Sprawl is likely to Spread Beyond Tier I Cities in 2023

Apart from the Tier I cities, the ten key cities which saw retail and real estate development were Chandigarh,...
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