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Bhima Jewellers: Shining Bright Since 1925

From Augmented Reality and virtual try-ons, 99-year-old Kerala-based Bhima Jewellers has moulded itself to stay relevant to today’s digital-savvy customersNew Delhi: The 1925-founded Bhima Jewellers is credited with bringing a paradigm shift—from made-to-order to readymade jewellery—in Kerala’s jewellery trade....

How can brands delight customers and keep them coming back?

A look at strategies to bring customers back and turn them into potential brand advocates New Delhi: Delighting customers at various points in their journey with a brand plays a pivotal role in turning them into brand advocates and loyalists. How a...
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AbCoffee opens 50th outlet in just two years

The homegrown takeaway coffee chain reached the milestone by opening four new outlets in MumbaiMumbai: Tech-enabled grab-and-go coffee chain...
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