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Retail Employees’ Day: From An Idea To A Movement

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How Retail Employees’ Day, celebrated on 12 December every year and which seeks to recognise the efforts of retail associates, has grown over the years to become a global phenomenon

New Delhi: Retail Employees’ Day (RED) is a day that is exclusively dedicated to the backbone of the retail industry – retail employees.

RED was conceptualised by the Trust for Retailers and Retail Associates of India (TRRAIN) and is celebrated in partnership with RAI (Retailers Association of India), on the 12th of December every year.

The significance of shop floor employees, especially, among retail employees, is undeniable as they are essentially the ‘face’ of the business – they hold the relationship with the customer – and the effective engagement of these employees is a fundamental part of successful workforce management. It is in this spirit that RED was launched.

RED aims to encourage both employers and customers to recognise the efforts of retail associates and express gratitude for their untiring support.

This appreciation helps employees feel valued and builds genuine relationships between employees, employers and customers. RED helps create loyalty, boosts performance, and nurtures positive attitudes amongst retail employees.

Today, the idea has grown to become a global movement celebrated in 24 countries across the world. In fact, on this day in 2020, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa lit up with the Retail Employees’ Day, message. With RED just around the corner, we look at key milestones it has reached over the years.
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