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Our strategy of partnering with wellness chains and influencers is paying off: Pranay Jain of BodyFirst

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BodyFirst is a sports nutrition, personal health, and wellness brand established on comprehensive scientific research. Each of their substances has been subjected to significant clinical study and is supported by experts. That’s the brand’s unique selling proposition and biggest differentiation factor

In the next 10-15 years, the ‘Nutraceutical’ category is going to surpass the ‘Pharmaceutical’ industry. The entire nation is becoming increasingly aware of the significance of nutrition and wellness and leaning toward the proverb, “Prevention is better than cure”. “Typically, due to many sports personalities and celebrities constantly prioritizing this sector, demand will soar even further. I am unsure of the exact figures, but I estimate that the industry has developed and expanded by at least 1.5 to 2 times its size prior to 2017 when we started. It is anticipated that the number has kept on increasing since then,” explains Pranay Jain, Founder and CEO, BodyFirst when talking about the opportunity he looks to explore with his brand.

The BodyFirst products has been a testament to its ethos of promoting genuine health and wellness from the very beginning. As an ardent supporter of clinically researched and internationally certified products, Pranay takes a special effort to develop superior nutrition and wellness products for India’s vast population. The brand has also disrupted the market as the only ones in the Whey Protein category which you can perfectly align with your health goals.

Need gap on point 

Wellness spending is up, and it is a $1.5 trillion business, expanding 5 to 10% annually. Pranay entered the market in 2017 with his brand to feed the need gap of the market and provide consumers with a highly nutritious product line containing clinically examined and researched ingredients. “We always remembered to get our product base right and customer satisfaction was always one of the most essential focuses for us. We, too, encounter tough days like any business, but delighted customers keep me going. In the few years since our establishment, we have 300+ SKUs to offer to our growing consumer base. Since November, we’ve expanded 390%. Our strategic plans to connect with big wellness chains and fitness influencers is already paying off,” Pranay adds. 

Further, when talking about the marketing strategies that he has put to set the brand on track, Pranay says “A marketing plan is essential for the success of your brand. Strategic branding allows you to distinguish yourself from the competition and win the allegiance of your target audience through clear and honest brand communication. We’ve implemented our advertising strategy in a way that ensures it covers every facet of our operations and is in tune with our customers’ wants, insecurities, and the dynamics of the marketplace. In addition, I have held a number of webinars covering the topic of sugar addiction and viable alternatives. That is how we develop a movement and get the word out about our brand and its core focus”. 

Tech for growth 

Enhanced with digital capabilities, the brand has automated all aspects of business; from online to offline order processing to order fulfillment. Everything is carried out in-house. To make the processes seamless, the brand has also launched state-of-the-art innovative barcoding to assist in this procedure. Eventually, they shifted their website to a custom-coded platform called “Progressive Web Application” (PWA), which would significantly increase their online sales by bringing traction. “Order fulfillment is a complex procedure that encompasses everything from the point of sale to final customer delivery. We collaborate with our suppliers and providers to establish transparent consumer expectations. We work with Shiprocket and Pickrr and have an expert, a one-point contact, handling all logistics. By optimizing inventory management on a personal level, we identify suitable strategies to facilitate customer service and returns,” Pranay notes.

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