‘Being Human Clothing’ blurs fashion lines with finesse


Love and acceptance are at the heart of ‘Being Human Clothing.’ And now, ‘Being Human Clothing’ is proud to offer their oncoming collection inspired by the theme of gender-fluidity.

Aptly titled ‘Blur,’ the range celebrates individuality and inclusivity. The casualwear garments – fashioned in trendy and a gender-diffused style – urges wearers to embrace the real you. ‘Blur’ boasts of another feature too: It is size – unrestricted, offering access to all.

Sanjeev Rao, CEO of ‘Being Human Clothing’ says, “The world, at large, is embracing the concept of oneness and inclusivity within its diversity. With ‘Blur’, we are extremely proud to now feature among the progressive labels of India who have embraced the concept of gender-fluid fashion.”

He adds significantly,“ From our perspective, ‘Blur’ is a fashion offering that diffuses all boundaries. I’m quite optimistic that it will appeal to individuals from all walks of life.”

Being Human Clothing was founded in 2012 with the objective of furthering the interest of ‘Being Human – The Salman Khan Foundation,’ a charitable trust devoted to education and healthcare initiatives for the underserved population in India. 

The brand has grown over 500+ retail touch-points and has continuously reinvented itself to become one of the leaders in casualwear clothing. And, it doesn’t stop with India. We are evolving at a rapid pace with a roadmap that leads to stores around the world. Our vision is to establish Being Human’s position firmly in casualwear. 

Going forward, we aim to improve lives and change society for the better, with the power of clothing through the humanitarian work done by ‘The Salman Khan – Being Human Foundation’. Clothing can change lives – we believe in that. 



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