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Cocoberry launches its second store in Dimapur, Nagaland


Cocoberry, a frozen yoghurt brand, has opened its second outlet in Dimapur, Nagaland’s commercial centre. The new location is 3rd mile, Chekiye gate, Dimapur, Nagaland, an official statement highlighted.

It is a new and developing target market region, with several large brands building stores and significant investment being made in the area.

Alemsunep, pastor of WICC (World Impact Community Church), as well as the family, friends, and well-wishers, were invited for the opening ceremony of the store .

Laksh Yadav, CEO, Cocoberry India commented on the launch of second store, and said “We are very happy and blessed to open our second outlet in Dimapur, with this we are hoping to have a lot of support and love from the loyal people here and we have so much more to offer in terms of flavour and customer satisfaction.”  

Meren Jamir, Branch Head at Cocoberry, Dimapur, said on the launch, “It is my honour to lead the Cocoberry store. The main reason for establishing a Cocoberry franchise is the healthy product it offers. Unlike ice cream, frozen yoghurt is prepared fresh each morning, giving customers a refreshing product and a plethora of topping options. Customers are growing more health concerned, and Cocoberry fits in well. It also offers a large variety of flavours to pick from.

Recently, the company also announced to launch a store in Dimapur,Nagaland. Cocoberry offers products that appeals to individuals of all ages since it is both healthy and delightful. The brand also provide customized smoothies for the people who loves to make healthy-choices. Currently, Cocoberry  has 22 outlets in high-street areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Gurugram, and other cities in India.