Anant Daga, Managing Director, TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd


Anant Daga is the Managing Director of TCNS Clothing Co. Ltd, the owner of leading womenswear brand ‘W’.
As head of one of India’s most innovative and pioneering fashion brands, Daga has overseen TCNS Clothing’s remarkable growth trajectory in the past few years.
“I think my key professional accomplishment has been creating a winning team at TCNS Clothing, which has resulted in our business growing over seven times in just five years,” he says.
Prior to his appointment at TCNS Clothing, Daga spent seven years at Reebok India, where he was Director-Sales at the time of his departure from the sportswear major.
His mantras for business success include sustaining a strong, intuitive connect with consumers, investing in supply chain efficiency and leveraging technology at every stage to stay ahead of curve.
He has also worked with ICICI Bank as Manager – Financial Institutional Group.
He completed his management studies from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.