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Lifestyle deploys new retail technologies


A part of Dubai-based retail and hospitality conglomerate Landmark Group, has been enhancing its Omnichannel experience for its customers at a very fast pace in the recent years. With 75 stores at present, is now also available online through www.lifestylestores.com where customers can shop from the convenience of their home.

Offering men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel, footwear, handbags, fashion accessories, beauty products and much more, all under the same roof, the fashion retailer has added features such as ‘Self-Checkout Kiosk’, ‘Mobile POS’, Fitting Room Assistance’, etc., to augment its in-store experience.

“Lifestyle has always endeavored to provide its customers the best-in-class shopping experience. With technological advancements, the shopping experience has evolved and we, as a progressive retailer, have embraced many of these technological advancements to further enhance the shopping experience we off er our customers,” says , Managing Director, Lifestyle International.

New Tech-Advancements

Lifestyle has introduced ‘Self- Checkout Kiosk’ in a few key stores, a facility that allows customers to bill their merchandise and complete the payment transaction in a few simple steps on their own with no or very little intervention from the staff thereby greatly solving the long queue by enabling quicker checkouts. Another initiative to further ease checkouts is the ‘Mobile POS’, which was introduced for billing products such as watches, fragrances or cosmetics.

Using insights from customer shopping behavior, the retailer has also launched ‘Fitting Room Assistance’ program that allows for size retrieval with the help of technology where the store assistants are alerted on the size and style required in the fitting room. “This initiative has helped in enhancing our conversions and is now being scaled up across key stores,” Kumar says.

“Several of our initiatives are technological solutions to real customer problems which we discovered through our interaction with customers as well as staff . Using this feedback, we have created simple yet impactful solutions leveraging technology. These have led to positive impact on our overall customer experience and helped increase engagement with the brand,” he further adds.

At the same time, with features like ‘Click & Collect’ and ‘In-store Endless Aisle’, Lifestyle is offering a true Omnichannel experience to its customers. An Omnichannel initiative, ‘Click & Collect’ allows customers to order online and collect merchandise from a Lifestyle store of their choice. ‘In-store Endless Aisle’ helps customers find missing in-store sizes on the e-commerce channel. Also, the retailer has introduced visual search and enabled voice-based search for its mobile applications which has helped in creating a more personalised and convenient shopping experience. Lifestyle has also implemented the ‘Put-to-Light’ system for effective storing and distribution at its warehouses. It has enabled single view of inventory for its e-commerce portal, www.lifestylestores.com, making the entire inventory across all warehouses accessible to the online customers thereby enhancing the merchandise availability and online conversion.

“We are continuously evolving our stores with new technologies. To fully enable our customers to enjoy these new introductions, it is important for our sales personnel to understand, communicate and comfortably operate all new innovations. Before implementing any new technology or introducing product innovation, our entire store team goes through an extensive knowledge session, which enables them to understand the product/technology being introduced,” says Kumar.

Lifestyle regularly tracks consumer satisfaction through NPS (Net Promoter Score) in store, by the virtue of offering, staff interactions, store ambience and consistently deliver an overall delightful shopping experience thereby winning customer trust and loyalty.