Marico launches super oil Saffola Aura; forays into premium edible oils category

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Marico has announced the launch of Saffola Aura, a new sub brand under its marquee brand Saffola. Saffola Aura marks the entry of Marico in the Rs 600+ crore super premium edible oils category.
Growing at close to 25 per cent, the category presents a sizeable and attractive business opportunity that Saffola does not currently play in. Marico has launched Saffola Aura – a unique new blend of 80 per cent Olive Oil and 20 per cent Flaxseed Oil, driving product differentiation by blending another oil to make olive oil even better. Saffola Aura is available in two variants – extra virgin for salads and dips, and refined for everyday cooking.
There is a growing trend among Indian consumers who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle proactively, which has led to a surge in the usage of olive oil because of the health benefits, exotic imagery and lifestyle codes associated with it.
Taking cognizance of the growing need for healthy options among the health conscious consumers and the lack of a clear market leader, Marico has launched Saffola Aura. Olive oil does not contain Omega 3, a well-known heart-healthy ingredient. Saffola Aura is different from any other olive oil since it combines the benefits of Omega 3 from Flaxseed Oil along with the antioxidants of Olive Oil in one single oil. Hence, making it better than consuming only olive oil. It brings the familiarity of a trusted brand to the super premium oils category and offers additional health benefits through the addition of Omega 3-rich Flaxseed Oil to Olive Oil.
The brand will launch a 360 degree communication campaign through TV, print and digital media focusing on driving awareness among their target audience.
Chief Marketing Officer at Marico Limited, Anuradha Aggarwal said, “Saffola Aura is a new and distinct oil with a unique blend of olive oil and flaxseed oil that offers the increasingly health-conscious consumers the combined benefits of Omega 3 and anti-oxidants. Saffola, Marico’s marquee brand that is synonymous with heart health, aims at expanding relevance with a distinct consumer group, while also building expertise and premiumness through Saffola Aura.”

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