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An organic lifestyle is no longer just a fad. Higher disposable incomes and greater awareness mean middle-class consumers are willing to spend more on products they believe are good for their health and for the environment. This need for a healthier lifestyle has resulted in a large number of organic retail stores and deliveries sprouting up in India.
By definition, an organic product contains no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. In the case of fruits, vegetables and staples, the soil used to grow the produce is also organic. Likewise for processed food or personal care products.
To be certified as organic by a body like Ecocert Groupe, at least 95 per cent of the ingredients in a product need to be organic.
Globally, the organic food market is estimated to be worth $80-85 billion and growing at 15-16 per cent. It is a small fraction of the overall food market, which is close to $4 trillion.
Indiaretailing.com brings you some of the choicest organic food outlets in different categories.


Organic retail on boom as consumers follow healthy lifestyle
For: Fast Food Freaks
Need-to-know: YumBox is India’s first organic fast food provider based out of Gurugram. Their vision: making every person fit and healthy in addition to making them feel good about themselves and their bodies. All products at YumBox are specially made from 100 per cent natural and organic ingredients.
Health Factor: YumBox offers all healthy options to fast food lovers since products are completely natural and organic.
Options: The outlet – which has no branches yet – has a wide range of healthy organic fast food items like burgers, pizzas, green salads, wraps, sandwiches, rice bowls, noodles bowls, parathas, pasta and smoothies among others
Delivery Details: YumBox has presently tied up with third party for arranging our deliveries and target is to deliver the food products in less than 45 minutes.
Cost: Rs 55 to Rs 299


Organic retail on boom as consumers follow healthy lifestyle
For: The Juice Obsessed
Need-to-know: ANTIDOTE cold-pressed organic juices aim to provide a simple on-the-go solution to the urban lifestyle. These juices provide extra energy and glow making the everyday tasks a lot less taxing! ANTIDOTE is not just juice as all the drinks are fortified with natural superfood extracts, hence they that act as functional foods.
Health Factor: All the drinks have no additives or preservatives and are unpasteurised, which means consumers get raw nutrition without any unwanted chemicals.
Options: ANTIDOTE offers a wide range of juices like Starter, Flusher, Energiser, Elixir, Pumper, Polisher, Rejuvenator, Booster, Conditioner and Alkalizer. They are also known for their Sexy Mylk and Muscle Mylk.
Delivery Details: They deliver in Gurugram but orders from Delhi need to be picked up from Malcha Marg.
Cost: Rs 215 to Rs 3,000

The Altitude Store

Organic retail on boom as consumers follow healthy lifestyle
For: The Quintessential Shopper
Need-to-know: The Altitude Store brings to your home a range of organic natural products from across India. These products are all cultivated and processed without the use of hazardous synthetic chemicals. Apart from visiting the store at MeharChand Market, the consumers can also buy their products online.
Health Factor: All the products available at The Altitude Store are grown and produced without the use of noxious synthetic agro-chemicals, growth hormones, sewage sludge and ioninsing radiation.
Options: The Altitude Store’s USP is organic produce – from fruits and vegetables to whole grains, spices, preserves, baby food, pickles, teas, snacks and even cosmetics. They also source their poultry and meats from The French Farm.
Delivery Details: The Altitude Store has an in-house delivery team which delivers in Delhi in approximately 24 hours on all the 7 days of a week.
Cost: Rs 11 – Rs 1,142

Salad Days

Organic retail on boom as consumers follow healthy lifestyle
For: The Lover of Greens
Need-to-know: Salad Days delivers salads but in an old-fashioned way. They also have a range of fruit salads. These are all served with their individual dressings, sent separately so the consumers can sprinkle in the amount they like, a slice of bread and sturdy cutlery.
Health Factor: All the leaves at Salad Days are premium picks and the  salads are made to order. They grow different varieties of lettuce, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, celery, rocket leaves, Thai basil, baby spinach and family of melons organically in their own small farm. Each ingredient in the salad goes through various filtering gates, quality checks and validation from experts.
Options: The salad menu is expansive and offers options like Seafood Salad, Chicken Noodle Salad, Indian Earth Bowl, Gourmet Pasta Salad and Waldorf Salad to name a few.
Delivery Details: Salad Days is known for delivering in Delhi/ NCR in flat 45 minutes
Cost: Rs 219 – Rs 299

4S Foods

Organic retail on boom as consumers follow healthy lifestyle
For: The Milk Enthusiast
Need-to-know: 4S Foods abides by preservative-free milk and other dairy products. 4S farm fresh milk works like a nutrient fill that reduces the health gap created by unwholesome lifestyle and adulterated consumption. A glass of 4S Milk works like an elixir on your overall fitness. The natural sweetness of the milk helps you cut down on the sugar intake, adding to the health quotient.
Health Factor: The milk by 4S Foods is completely free from preservatives and chemicals. Immediately after milking, it is packaged in non-toxic, food grade packs and chilled.
Options: They have only one option and that is Whole Milk (read: Cow Milk)
Delivery Details: Milk is delivered daily free of cost in the morning at the doorstep of the consumer between 05:30 am – 11:30 am. The delivery is done on a monthly subscription basis.
Cost: Rs 70 per litre

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