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A Retail Survival Guide: Be Nimble, flexible, adaptable


The 4th session of the on December 10 at the ITC Gardenia in Bengaluru featured an engaging discussion on the essentials of survival for a retailer. The panel included , MD, ; TP Pratap, Co-Founder and CMO, and Woohoo.in; Sunil Sanklecha, Managing Partner, ; , President, ; , CEO and Co-Founder, Naturals Salon and Spa and Chandrima Pareek, Head of Business, . The panel was moderated by , SVP – New Initiatives, .

Understanding that shopping behaviour in South India is still primarily dependent on touch and feel, the online industry does not really threaten the offline store format, panelists said. Lavanya Nalli, President, Nalli Group, said that she was convinced that businesses are tuning in with what is in motion. Though there were several gaps in the industry, many are bridged by innovation, she noted. "What consumers want hasn’t changed and everything else is the innovation around it," she said.

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