"Launching my own fashion line has always been something I longed to pursue…" – Shraddha Kapoor

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Actor, singer, brand endorser and now designer. Bollywood’s freshest and hottest face Shraddha Kapoor has added another feather to her well-plumed hat by taking her first steps into the world of fashion. By Aarti Kapur Singh
Shraddha Kapoor has joined the bandwagon of celebrities, who have stepped into fashion designing. Kapoor’s debut as a designer will be made through clothing line Imara, a set of affordable designs between Rs. 799 and Rs. 3,999, all conceptualised by the actor in collaboration with artisans from Universal Sportsbiz Private Limited (USPL). The theme behind the creations: fantasy. You will notice it in the ads featuring her channelling characters like Thumbelina and Little Red Riding Hood while wearing her label of western silhouettes in Indian prints. The actor says that it has always been a dream to create her own fashion line and she has finally achieved it. With many male and female actors exploring different aspects of filmmaking, Kapoor is no exception. Imara made its debut at the Amazon India Fashion Week, where the actor-turned-designer Kapoor revealed that she has collaborated with Anjana Reddy, CEO, Universal Sportsbiz Private Limited for the collection. Stating that Imara is her fairy-tale dream coming true, Kapoor also mentioned that her collection represents the broadminded and independent modern Indian woman. Inspired by conventional and ethnic designs, Kapoor’s designer line has a contemporary twist catering to the Indo-fusion style. “It was always a dream to create my own fashion label and partnering with Anjana (Reddy) of USPL made my dream come true. Imara is all about fairy tales and this is my fairy tale coming true,” Kapoor said, on the opening day of Amazon India Fashion Week.
USPL co-creates celebrity fashion labels and currently has under its banner names like Wrogn with cricketer Virat Kohli and now Kapoor’s Imara. About the collection, the actor-singer and now designer says that it is inspired by the modern woman and is a contemporary rendition of the conventional.
“The collection is a modern Indian adaptation of classics, from once upon a time that experiments with ethnic designs and offers a refreshing take on fashion, for the young and the stylish. It is a line of clothing for the new Indian woman,” Kapoor said. The collection is meant for all the smart and independent women who are ‘open and free’.
“Imara caters to the youth and the young ones at heart,” added the actor.
What is Imara all about?Shraddha Kapoor (SK): It feels really cool to be a part of this brand. It is called Imara, a fusion word which means strong and resolute. So, it defines its target audience in clear terms – a powerful, independent woman. The collection is a reflection of what the times are like today. Fashion is changing at a rapid pace in India, and every woman has grown up with her own traditional values that she fuses with her modern surroundings and with her fierce and independent personality. I don’t think it can get better than that.
Imara is a contemporary rendition of the conventional – a modern Indian adaptation of classics, from once upon a time. Experimenting with ethnic designs, it offers a refreshing take on fashion, for the young and the stylish. It is a line of clothing aimed at the new Indian woman, who is smart, independent, open and free. Worked upon by some of the best designers in the country, Imara is seamless blend of ethnic designs and western silhouettes.
What inspired this jump into designing?SK: Launching my own fashion line has always been something I wanted to pursue. For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with clothes, with fashion and the idea of designing my own collection. My penchant for creating something trendy, contemporary and a line that is an extension of my personality is my inspiration for Imara. It was my belief in the importance of never giving up. I heard about the idea behind Imara, and it was bang on with my ideals. A lot of people do not know about my first two films, and in spite of that, I kept going. It is important to believe in yourself. I feel like if you have your eye on the prize, and you are persistent and fuelled by ambition, you will surely end up achieving something positive. I really like that sensibility about the brand, which is why I really wanted to front it and spearhead it.
Please describe the design process at Imara.SK: The process of designing Imara has been an extremely gratifying creative expedition for me. When I first heard about the idea behind Imara, I really liked the sensibility of the brand and the decision of spearheading it came naturally. I worked with some of the best designers around the country, shared my ideas with them and saw them work their magic and bring the designs to life. Watching my ideas for Imara materialise so beautifully is one of the greatest experiences I have had so far.
Who is the Imara woman?
SK: Imara has been designed for the everyday woman, and I would ideally like every free-spirited woman in this country to look like an Imara woman. She is at her core, fiercely independent, has a burning ambition and goes through life with strong ambition and resolve.
What sets Imara apart from other celebrity fashion brands?SK: It is affordable fashion; any woman can just get her hands on it without shelling out some crazy psychotic amount of money. That is the real USP of the brand. One can feel like a princess without having to spend like one.
What has been the inspiration behind your collection?SK: Imara is inspired by elements of fashion and mystique that have been combined together through some of the most stunning designs. Having drawn inspiration from the tales of ‘Once upon a time…’, Imara is inspired by all the princesses who were the game changers of their fairy tales.
We have spotted you in a traditional Anamika Khanna lehenga last Diwali and a cool Shivan & Narresh sari at Arpita Khan’s wedding. Which comes closer to your personal style?SK: I love the traditional stuff, and the new twists in Indianwear. That is why I had a great time wearing that pink Shivan & Narresh sari, and the Anamika Khanna lehenga. I love both ends of the spectrum and I have managed to blend the same into my designs for Imara. The clothing fuses tradition and modern elements. The best of it is that the collection is affordable.
Who are your three favourite designers?SK: First of all, the people who are designing for Imara now – all the artisans, they are the new additions to my list and I really want to spend more time with them soon. Then, of course, there is Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Manish Malhotra.

When it comes to your personal style, what is your favourite look?

SK: I love the traditional look and have over the years learned to appreciate the fusion in Indianwear. I am always craving for a traditional look with a contemporary design. So you are going to see of a lot of myself in Imara soon.

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