Rahul Kale



Soon after completing his MBA at the renowned HEC School of Management in Paris, Rahul Kale realised his potential of transforming the 30-year-old family business where they used to manufacture cosmetics. With an immense respect and belief in Ayurveda, he established a team consisting of cosmetic chemists, Ayurveda doctors, botanists and fragrance specialists, and thus began a three year effort with a simple mission – to make Ayurveda relevant to the aesthetic sensibilities of a modern consumer, without diluting its core principles. He was inspired to create Iraya, during his stay in France where he met several business leaders who had taken traditional concepts and transformed them to create iconic contemporary brands. From 2006 to 2008, Kale headed a team that created a line of Fresh Natural Cosmetics for the Russian market. The brand now successfully operates 12 stores across Russia. The brand has launched 28 products in 2006, and today the range comprises over 170 formulations. Since 2007, the company has also been exporting, and its present international markets include Italy, Russia, The US, Switzerland, France and more.. Kale is now focusing on growing Iraya in the retail space and also expanding to international markets.