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Denim manufacturer Orta Aanadolu is constatntly evolving by offering new product research, styling and marketing ideas.

Building accurate and complete capsule collections is key for Orta Anadolu in order to provide
inspiration to designers and product experts. “People need and like stories in our market,” explains Ebru Ozaydin, marketing manager of the specialized denim manufacturer. For this reason Orta’s f/w 2015-16 collection is made up of different selections of fabrics and product categories, each one
aimed at different consumer types. Completing each of these “stories” are matching labeling and accessories such as jewels, pins, belts, bandannas and hats it presents during the shows and in some of its showrooms around the world.

“This is the third time we are collaborating with The Vintage Showroom of London, the number one vintage collector studio in Europe,” says Ozaydin. “They provided us a selection of items we reproduced as exact replicas with Orta fabrics and treated them exactly as the original vintage items.” Other experts involved include wash designer Claudio Toson, Italy’s specialized laundry Everest and art director Luca Babini.

The f/w 2015-16 fabric offer includes two distinct 15-piece collections made of exact replicas of actual vintage garments from the vintage archive, which is owned by Douglas Gunn and Roy Luckett. “For our more sophisticated and upmarket Arctic Whites selection we took our inspiration from the first aviator women such as, for instance, Amy Johnson. Since there were almost no aviator women she used to customize men’s garments and adapted them for herself,” explains Ozaydin. The new collection presents a selection of elaborate white aviator jackets, jodhpurs, chino like models and smallsize aviator fabric helmets in different shades of dirty white and ecru.

Another group of products is called Rebel Blues. “Orta is mostly identified with vintage denim,” says Ozaydin. “For this reason we are also offering reinterpretations of denim pieces worn by iconic personalities such as James Dean, Allen Ginsberg or Jack Kerouac.” The company imagined how a modern James Dean might have worn a vintage denim bomber jacket or a contemporary Marilyn Monroe might have opted for a stretch selvedge denim knee-length shorts or skintight western style jacket. “Stretch is key right now,” he adds. “For this we added it to selvedge denim: we all need more comfort today, despite the mood and spirit are the same one of the1950s and 1960s.”

Another story Orta is focusing on is its Body Science capsule aimed at busy eclectic women who want to feel fine from early morning until late at night. This particular line of silky touch stretch denim is breathable, body hugging and high-recovery.

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