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Pond’s Men’s Range Signs Up Varun Dhawan


Global skin care pioneer, Pond’s has recently launched a range of face care for men. Resonating with the brand’s promise of an energising effect after use, the brand has introduced actor, Varun Dhawan, as the face of the new range in India. The young actor endorsed the adoption of a regular grooming routine for all Indian men, especially daily facial skin care. Sharing his experience about the product, Dhawan said, “My skin has to go through a lot during a regular work day, since most of my time is spent outdoors in dusty environments. So a good face wash that can refresh my skin instantly is almost indispensable to me. I love the new Pond’s Men range of face washes and moisturisers because they are an effective and no-fuss solution to my skin’s needs. Pond’s is amongst the most reputed skin care brands in the world. It is exciting to be the face of this product range for men.”