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Everybody says “balance” is the most important part of life but mention it in context with fashion and things could go askew. That’s right, asymmetry is the order of the day in the world of fashion for this season and it has never proved truer than now. Check out collections by top Indian designers and note how they lose their ‘balance’ and want to take the asymmetrical path.

Hemlines are the most popular part of a garment that is given this treatment. Swirling asymmetric hems float around the wearer whether it is for minis, midis or maxis. Collars are the latest garment part that gets the askew look. Designer Anand Kabra’s collars and even placket openings don’t tread the beaten path. He designed them at a slant and even gave his blouses and trousers an askew touch. Anuj Sharma’s creations revolve around lots of asymmetry as he allows his fabrics to hang loose over the body. Then there is designer Paromita Banerjee who adds layering to asymmetry as both go really well together, while Nachiket Barve layers sheer fabrics into varying lengths for pretty summer dresses.

The most interesting asymmetry is a drape that moves from one end of the shoulder and hangs at the hemline at an angle. Skirts and dresses acquire a flowing beautiful look that makes them appear utterly feminine when they have an asymmetric cut. The benefits of an uneven silhouette for the female form are also quite positive. When it is a flared skirt with an asymmetric hemline it gives a slim figure more fullness. When a blouse has an off centre cut then a full figure has a slimming effect. Even an asymmetric neckline can work wonders for a torso as it distracts from a full bosom. It is all about how you use the different aspects of an uneven cut that will make a positive or negative impression on your body.