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Interactive game for retailers from Retail Hero

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Retail Hero has released an online game for retailers. The interactive game is designed to give retailers a better understanding of the foundations of retail management from the ground up.

Starting with a simple hot-dog stand, the game teaches the principles of how incorporating technology can help to succeed in the retail business.

A brainchild of Retail Hero’s marketing department, the game promises to be not only educational but also very entertaining and suitable for players of all ages.

“I’ve seen my share of annoying banners, cheesy slogans, and tons of blunt and boring advertisements pasted all over the web. Personally, I usually ignore this kind of advertising, so I decided to do something different, something that would grab people’s attention. I figured that we could make a game that would be enjoyable, educational and completely original. You don’t see this kind of stuff very often, so the novelty factor plays very well,” said, Yegor Ludmilin, a marketing associate and web designer/programmer at Retail Hero.

Utilising the company’s mascot Scannerman, he created an interactive game that teaches retailers the benefits of retail technology.

The colourful graphics and real-life sound effects add to the authenticity of the game, which has been received enthusiastically by the retail sector. The game is free to play and is available only from Retail Hero.

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