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spot_img adopts Ajax Technology to enhance the interactive user experience

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WFX On, one of the leading softwares solution providers for fashion industry, announced the completion of adoption of Ajax Technology into their suite of solutions.

Ajax is a web development technique that allows web pages to be more responsive by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes, so that the user does not have to wait for the entire web page to be reloaded each time a change is made. The result is a vast improvement in a user’s interactive experience through speed, functionality and usability.

“For Web Enterprise Applications, time is of the essence and business users recognise every second they are made to wait online. Ajax, although adopted by few, is a necessity for all interactive applications,” Drish Paul, CEO, WFX On, said.

The classic web application architecture takes most user actions to the server, probably located in a different continent, for processing. Until the processed data returns, the user is left waiting for the information before he or she can continue to use the application. Clearly, this outdated technology is both frustrating and time-consuming for the user.

Ajax Technology enables web application users to benefit from the extensive reach of the web with increased processing speed of desktop applications. And with conglomerates such as Google incorporating Ajax into every new product, the future of this technology is strong.

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