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DaMensch aims to grow its offline presence: Ashmeer Sayyed

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Ashmeer Sayyed, chief retail officer (CRO), DaMensch, a Bengaluru-based apparel and fashion brand said his company is very positive about the business outlook in 2024.

Highlighting the D2C company’s future prospects, Sayyed added that the company’s journey has just started and has miles to go.

“From an offline perspective, we have our presence in a few cities which we want to take towards pan India,” said Sayyed. “On the online side, we are already there in terms of the consumers trying our products.”

For DaMensch, product innovation and new launches have been the brand’s DNA, Sayyed said. Banking on those factors,  the company also expects a few ‘ X’ multiples in its business revenue in the coming years..

Commenting on the upcoming Phygital Retail Convention (PRC) 2024 to be held in Mumbai in May, Sayyed said that the PRC has been a revelation for many people seeking to gain business acumen and intelligence in the retail sector.

“From a D2C perspective, it will be great to know the success stories of how D2C brands have performed from an offline perspective,” added Sayyed.

Sayyed also hoped some of the D2C brands would also attain Unicorn status in the coming years. Sayyed said he is hoping to understand how D2C brands could take their next logical steps by expanding in brick and mortar chains.

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