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Menswear brand Beyours aims to expand offline reach – founders

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Founded in 2019, the brand have more than 2 lakh customers all over India and this base is increasing rapidly

Bengaluru: Focused on millennials, Beyours is a men’s clothing brand that rests on the principles of quality craftsmanship and honest pricing. The brand puts forward a clear message to its customers and highlights the concept of decluttering by offering timeless pieces of attire that can easily become wardrobe staples for discerning men.

Sensible fashion

Ashish Baheti and Nilesh Karnani, co-Founders at Beyours closely monitored the growth of the ‘Timeless less and Sustainable Fashion’ category to incept their brand in this segment with a collection that spoke to the millennials directly. In fact, when they entered the category, it was a very nascent domain but the same has expanded by 2.5 times since then.

When speaking on the brand’s inception story Ashish says, “I and Nilesh both had a very limited understanding of the clothing industry before we stepped into it. we knew that there were different types of fabrics, the task is to find the right one. But we didn’t really understand the different categories or how they worked together. We also didn’t know much about the different materials that are used to make sustainable and high-quality products. We have learned a lot since then and now we have Lots of unique products ranging from the softest t-shirts to everyday pants and can vouch that we sell one of the most comfortable, everyday use clothing as compared to other brands.”

Some of the ways in which the brand has disrupted the fashion industry include:

  • Offering unique product colours that are not available from traditional retailers.
  • Creating a new business model that is more sustainable and ethical.
  • Working on minimalist designs with super comfortable fabrics.
  • Using technology to create a more personalized shopping experience.

The founders admit that the trend for minimalistic fashion will continue to grow as more people become interested in simplifying their lives. Additionally, as the world becomes more environmentally conscious, sustainable and ethical fashion choices are likely to become more popular. Following this trend, the team wants to keep reinventing the brand at every juncture in order to bring conscious clothing to their growing customer base.

Ruling out the challenges in style

Nilesh notes that the biggest challenge for the brand was probably getting its name established and convincing people that they needed a minimalistic clothing brand in their life. “To overcome this, we focused on creating a strong social media presence and partnering with like-minded people. We also made sure that our products were high quality and competitively priced. Another challenge was dealing with the day-to-day operations of running a business.

This was a new experience for us, and there were definitely a lot of learning curves. However, we quickly got into a groove and were able to streamline our processes. Finally, we had to make sure that we were creating a sustainable business. This meant finding the right manufacturing partners and ensuring that our products were made ethically and responsibly. It was important to us to create a brand that our customers could feel good about supporting,” he adds.

Overwriting the challenges, the brand’s focus has always been on offering products that are functional, Super comfortable, and minimalistic. Over the years, they have diversified their product offerings to include items that are both functional and stylish. They believe that this has helped them appeal to a wider range of customers.

Future of growth

With simplicity ruling every aspect of the brand’s working and operations, the team takes one step at a time to grow and penetrate the market. Focusing on marketplaces like Ajio and Myntra, Beyours presently is concentrating on their own website to sell and grab the right customer.

They plan to continue designing and producing high-quality, minimalist clothing that can be enjoyed by everyone. They also plan to expand their reach offline by opening stores. With a keen eye on increasing customer reach, the brand plans to hit the Rs 50 crore mark by 2024-25.

Brownie Points

  • They achieved monthly sales of Rs 90 lakh from their own website only with an AOV of Rs 2,200.
  • They have more than 2 lakh customers all over India and this base is increasing rapidly.
  • Starting from 1 small space in a building now the brand’s workshop and the team has expanded to a 3 floor building to run their business.
  • Before Covid, they were spending around Rs 10 lakh on marketing per month. Post-pandemic, they have increased the marketing budget to Rs 20 Lakh per month.

First appeared in The India D2C Yearbook 2022

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