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Arata – Customising the beauty experience, naturally!


Arata offers natural and non-toxic products and claims to be an honest personal care company for its customers. They offer credible products that are infused with the highest quality of potent ingredients. The brand also ensures that neither the environment nor animals are harmed in its production process by using bottles made of Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastic and by not testing its products on animals or using animal and insect-derived ingredients. 

Arata is the first, and the only, brand in India to have received the coveted EWG Verified certification for its products. The brand has grown over 10-fold in two years, and significantly during the lockdown. It caters to over 250,000 customers across the country, with more than 50% repeat purchases. In fact, more than 85% of its customers have rated it 8+ on a scale of 10. Arata has institutional equity and debt funding of more than US $2 million through private equity, venture capital and backed by angel investors. The brand has made significant technology investments in its website, marketing automation as well as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).