Omnicomm By Indiaretailing And Omuni | Unraveling ‘Connected Retail’ For India’s Retail Market

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The retail market has witnessed a plethora of opportunities and challenges in recent years. Digital models have been trendy for a decade but the pandemic further accelerated this process for a lot of businesses giving rise to adoption of new technologies. The Internet served as a boon for consumers as well and online became the new normal. Availability, accessibility, affordability were the trifecta benefits to name a few, along with safe and secure deliveries right at the doorstep.

Brands on the other hand, are focusing more on their image, visibility and customer experience in order to evolve with the consumer behaviour. It is safe to say that the entire sector has undergone remodeling leading to new possibilities and it can be overwhelming for retailers to choose the right strategies and plans.

To keep you updated about the same Indiaretailing  has partnered with Omuni, India’s largest Omnichannel retail platform to present Omnicomm where we discuss the upcoming trends and opportunities. In our next episode, we will take a deeper look into the next big trend for the sector- ‘Connected Retail’.

As per a report by Transparency Market Research(TMR), the value of global connected retail is expected to reach US$82.31 Bn by the end of 2025. The report also suggests that the demand for connected retail from Asia Pacific region is projected to expand at an above average CAGR of 23.3 per cent, which is greater than any other region.

Omnicomm: Increasing Profitability By Connecting Online And Offline
Moderated by Mukul Bafana, Co-founder & CEO, Omuni, the session will host Satyen Momaya, CEO, Celio; Ankur Bhatia, CEO,Columbia Sportswear; Manisha Sangani, Director, Just Watches; Lalit Agarwal, CMD, V Mart Retail and Kavindra Mishra, CEO, House of Anita Dongre.

Key Highlights of the session

  • In-depth analysis of connected retail
  • How can businesses leverage technology to create a seamless experience for their customers
  • How to shape your current retailing processes
  • The go-to strategies for revenue boost and more

To hear some actionable insights on the Omnichannel business register here and be a part of this discussion on July 16’2021, 4:00 p.m.

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