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A Humming Way: Redefining products & solutions to let consumers connect easily post COVID-19


Launched by the sister duo and in 2017, is a is driven by a holistic vision of luxury and is inspired by the old world regalia of Rajasthan in India. The label’s taste in clothing is classic with clean and modern sensibilities in monotones, cutting across the borders and corners of the world.

A Humming Way: Redefining products & solutions to let consumers connect easily post COVID-19

In an interaction with IMAGES Business of Fashion, Sweta Agrawal and Pallavi Poddar, , A Humming Way, talk about the brand’s rehashed marketing and communication strategy post the .

Tell us about your exit lock down strategy.

We are vigorously working on our digital presence, automated step wise operations and level of production. Our e-commerce portal is going through a re-working currently. It needs to be updated for a more focused attention to consumers switching to shopping more online. We are also looking into other supply chain options in terms of outsourcing some productions. This is a cycle where we will also have redefine products as well as come up with more concise solutions to which our online clients can connect to easily.

What safety precautions are you planning to adhere to once your store re-opens?

We are constantly planning and reworking protocols to be followed in terms of maintaining safe distance and protection as much as possible that this new normal will demand. Ours is a studio model to begin with where clients visit our collections on appointment basis.

Once the studio re-opens, we plan to adhere to making only single appointments at a time. Footwear will not be allowed inside the studio and temperature checks and sanitizing hands upon entry will be mandatory. We are also considering a fog machine entry point to the building. Electronic transactions will be preferred. Moreover, after every appointment all used areas will be fogged.

What communication and marketing are you planning to employ to entire consumers?

We are working on it to be honest. Our adjustment phase will depend chiefly on the new algorithm of the market sentiment. But, as of now, we are banking on social media to keep ourselves close to the consumer. We are also contemplating the option of utilizing video calls to encourage sales.

Experts are hinting that the fashion industry will focus more on liquidation of products post the pandemic and that retailers might have to compromise with desired margins. What are your views on it?

Inventories will have to be managed and pushed out. But our takeaway from the crisis has been to strictly reduce production and increase quality in the future. The pandemic has highlighted the pressing need to change our practices and perspectives towards consuming fashion. For a widescale change in our systems, responsible buying is our biggest hope.