Junction Mall out to redefine Durgapur’s retail landscape

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Junction Mall, located right at the intersection of Durgapur’s
commercial centre and NH2, is slowly but gradually becoming a retail hallmark in South Bengal. Adding more to its popularity, it has been ranked as No. 1 place to visit in Durgapur city by popular website Trip Advisor.

Junction Mall, is the brainchild of Primarc, in association with Shrachi Group. Stephen Coates, a globally acclaimed architect from Singapore, executed the structural design and space renditions for the facility. The mall design includes capacious stores, a rooftop multiplex, expansive food court, children’s play zone, spacious corridors, airy walkways and multi-level car parking facilities to accommodate local and outstation visitors. The infrastructure is well equipped in terms of modern technological inclusions and supported by management staff and security.

In an exclusive interaction, Arijit Chatterjee, COO, Junction Mall Durgapur, talks about the journey and popularity of the mall.

Tell us about the new and improved infrastructure of the New Junction Mall?

Junction Mall is undergoing renovation and has just completed the first phase. In terms of introduction of improved technologies and new tech implementation, major focus has been given to safety and security and of course to giving visitors a delightful experience.

What role does refurbishment play in increasing the popularity of the mall?

Refurbishment of mall adds an edge in the popularity of any shopping mall. After a certain period of time, all shopping malls need a makeover – a new look and a new experience. It is similar to the re-launch of a mall, adding to its popularity.

What is the GLA and total builtup area of the mall?

The GLA is 3.24 lacs sq. ft, whereas the built up area is 4.25 lacs sq. ft.

What are the new technological innovations implemented?

We have added a couple of new technologies including a new, upgraded fire safety and security camera along with a real time tracking system.

What’s the new retail mix at Junction Mall like?

We already have moderate mix of brands since we just completed 7 years and our occupancy percent is more than 95 percent. We are hoping to add a few premium brands in the near future.

Which are your anchors, mini-anchors and vanilla retailers?

Among new mini-anchors we have TRENDZ Women, PEOPLE, Senco Gold & Diamond. Binge and Mumuso are our vanilla stores.

How is the refurbished food court going to be a major attraction and bring consumers to the mall?

Junction Mall’s focus is to become an FEC with time. In the present market scenario, food courts have started playing a very important role in driving retail. With increase in competition from online retailing, F&B has become a strong ally – along with entertainment options – in achieving business objective for all shopping malls today. They play a major role in pulling in consumers to the mall.

What are your plans for going Omnichannel?

We have plans of setting up of interactive mediums of e-portals in the mall in an effort to go Omnichannel. This will provide both online and offline shopping experience to customers.

What are the factors propelling the growth and evolution of the retail market in West Bengal?

The most important factor is the change in consumer buying behavior. Buyers are becoming more aspirational.

Where do you see the retail real estate industry in Bengal in 10 years?

Customers in emerging cities of Patna, Bhubaneswar, Ranchi, Asansol, and Siliguri, along with Kolkata, want the best in every category, then be it lifestyle, fashion, or health and beauty. The region, which once hesitated to experiment, is now displaying an impressive upward retail trend with retail pundits dubbing the East the ‘retail market of the future’.

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