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Vijay Jain, CEO and Founder Director, ORRA


is CEO and Founder Director of .

Before being at the helm of ORRA, Jain had a decade of exposure in areas such as Advisory, M&A and investment banking across diverse industries. His vast professional repertoire spans several leading investment banks, including Kotak Mahindra, Peregrine, SSKI and Rabo Bank.

His keen business sense and strategising prowess have made him an advisor across different verticals such as luxury goods, retail, beverages, conglomerates, media, internet, infrastructure including power. He has also advised several retail organisations, including CCD and Barista, among others.

At ORRA, Jain is credited with having transformed a family-run business into a professional organisation. “At an organisational level, our biggest achievement has been in converting a family run business into a profitable national brand. Using technology, data analytics, processes and systems, the organization has developed into a well-oiled machine, which allows the professional team to focus on strategic interventions and plans,” Jain explains.

Over the years, ORRA has won several awards including the DeBeers International award, Best Retail Jewellery Chain of the year, Most Innovative Jewellery of the year, Best Retail Transformation of the year and most recently have been voted among the Top 3 Most Trusted Jewellery brands in India by the Brand Trust Report. It has recently won the prestigious award for the Best Earring Jewellery Design of the year at the National Jewellery Awards 2016.

“From being a brick and mortar retail brand, we have also diversified into e-commerce, increasing our base across the country,” he informs. Jain, who has also been a speaker at Harvard Business School, attributes his passion for retail to the sector’s inherent dynamism. “The nature of the business allows for the co-existence of duality – on one hand there is the need for strategy, structure, processes, analysis and control, and on the other hand, the need for passion, creativity, autonomy, empowerment at the grass root level.”

The brand also got the opportunity to design for royalty and Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.

The need to give back to society and his keen sense of aesthetics resulted in collaborations with noted artists like Anjoli Ela Menon, S.H Raza and Tarun Tahiliani to raise funds for charity. The privilege of having hosted Belgian Royalty or the presence of the brand at International events can all be attributed to his forward looking approach. Jain has been a speaker at various business forums including FICCI, India Retail Forum and the Harward Business School.

Jain has earned a master’s degree in management from SP Jain Institute of Management, completed his bachelors from Sri Ram College, Delhi and his schooling from St. Paul’s, Darjeeling.