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The Spa Menu: Holistic Blend of Relevance and Innovation


Consumers are drawn towards spas that offer an eclectic mix of services, and so, an informative and thoughtfully worded is crucial. It requires tremendous insight into the business, consumer psychology and trends, as several issues need to be factored in. We speak with entrepreneurs, hoteliers and experts to learn the finer nuances of blending relevance with innovation, and emerging successful

Swati Gupta, Director & Head of Creative Development


About the spa: Bodycraft was started by Manjul Gupta as a single boutique in 1997, specialising in skin treatments for women. In the last 20 years, we have become Bangalore’s most trusted destination for beauty and wellness, encompassing spa, salon, skin care, personal grooming, nail bar, bridal and clinical service lines. Today, we have 13 outlets and over 650 employees across niche locations in the city, with three outlets set to open in Mumbai.

The spa menu: The spa offers a bouquet of therapy and unwind options starting from basic body massages to our signature therapy packages, scrubs, wraps and soaks, and relax and unwind treats.

Inspiration behind the current menu: With our bouquet of services we aim to provide a holistic approach to beauty and wellness by being a one-stop-destination for treatments and services. The menu is holistic and tailored to the season.We often notice a seasonal pattern in the service choices made by our clients.

Keeping it relevant: We revamp our menu and add new therapies and services every six months. The frequency might vary depending on product or service launches from our brand associations or any new brand with whom we plan to associate. We have recently introduced Dermatology and Cosmetology services. While it maybe surprising, we have found that there is a synergy between our skin care and clinical services. With this synergy we have found effective, long-lasting treatment results and are able to treat a wide array of concerns. We are in the process of introducing a formal menu detailing treatment plans according to specific skin issues.

Challenges: There has hardly been any challenge as such. Our menu is well curated and spans beauty and wellness services. Bodycraft’s approach has always been holistic, offering head-to-toe rounded services. The only challenge is to match the diverse requirements of our clientele.

Latest additions to the menu: We have recently launched the OPI range of polishes and Malibu C range of targeted hair care products. We have created and launched a grooming package exclusively for men. BOMB Cosmetics, a well known handmade and natural skin care brand, is available at Bodycraft. For our outlets opening in Mumbai, we have collaborated with N Bar, a Dubai-based exclusive personal grooming chain.

USPs of the signature therapies: Our signature therapies span all the service lines. We are proud of our associations with iconic hair care and styling brands, namely, Wella, System Professional, Sebastian, Olaplex and Malibu C. We were amongst the first in the country to introduce an exclusive Alchemy Lounge and Energy Code Mapping, where we tailor hair spa services to individual requirements. Our spa therapies employ proprietary strokes, kneading and tapping techinques, and unique ingredient mixes. Our skin care treatments are tailored to address any skin related concerns.

Products used: Our vision has been to provide world-class beauty and wellness services with only the best products in the market. We use products from Wella, System Professional, Sebastian, Olaplex, Malibu C, Dermalogica, Ainhoa and OPI, to name a few.

Marketing strategies adopted to promote the spa and its services: We believe in hyper local targeting, whether it is ATL, BTL or in-salon promotions. We have noticed that the mix of clients visiting each of our outlets is unique, and hence, we have opted for a customised and localised approach. In addition, we see that SMS reminders and in-salon activities, have aided in spreading awareness about our range of services.

Siddharth Verma, Director of Rooms


About the spa: Chi, The Spa is the signature spa brand of Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. After its success in more than 44 countries, Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi came up. The spa is spread over 20,000 square feet, which includes a steam and sauna room, fitness studio, salon, gymnasium, tea station and reception. The staff strength at the spa is 30.

The spa menu: A wide range of therapies and services, ranging from Ayurvedic to contemporary international treatments, have been carefully designed to provide a luxurious and relaxing spa experience. The menu offers classic journeys such as, the Shangri-La Journey, Kalp Shringar, for brides-to-be and Taste of India Retreat. There is an exclusive section for facials, namely, Refresher Facial, Gentleman Vitality Facial, Anti-ageing Facial and Customised Facial, tailor-made as per the skin’s need. There are body scrubs like Classic Salt and Oil Scrub, Healing Honey Sesame Polish, Cleopatra Bath and Lavender Jacuzzi Bath as well. The menu also extends to nail care and hair services.

Inspiration behind the current menu: The Spa got its name CHI, from the work ‘chi’ or ‘qi’, which means the universal force that governs well-being and personal vitality. The services, along with a luxurious product range, are based on the Chinese philosophy of the five elements, in which metal, water, wood, fire and earth are in balance with the positive Yang and negative Yin energy within the body. The restorative powers of natural oils and herbs combined with Asian healing philosophies, are at the centre of every ritual.

Factors kept in mind while curating the menu: While curating the spa menu, the well-being and personal vitality of the guests is given foremost preference. For instance, the ‘Jet Lag Cure Massage’, which helps our travel guests de-stress; the post-natal Remedial Massage relaxes muscles, increases circulation and lowers stress hormones, the Kalp Shringar is the most-loved treatment for brides-to-be. For the winter season, the menu offers warm massages, which use oils to enhance the warmth in the body, and overall state of being, such as the signature Chi Balinese Massage, Relaxing Shirodhara and Taste of India Retreat. Whilst the menu maintains its set of varied treatments, we promote specials based on the weather or the occasion, to offer an enhanced choice to our guests.

Challenges: Usually, the spa industry faces problems like retention of the staff, brand recognition and in-house concerns with clients. Yet at Chi, we do not have them, as most of our therapists have grown with the brand and know that they are important to the Shangri-La family. Our team consists of experienced therapists, who treat our clients with utmost generosity and professionalism.

USPs of the signature therapies: We offer holistic treatments based on traditional techniques such as, Classical Aromatherapy Massage, Remedial Massage, Traditional Abhyanga Massage, facials, Classic salt and oil scrub and body polishing. Our Kalp Shringar, a pre-bridal therapy, offers a series of decadent beauty rituals followed by chandan lep and finished with a Rani Padmawati milk bath.

Products used: We use products from Iraya.

Marketing strategies adopted to promote the spa and its services: For our in-house guests, we have collaterals placed in rooms, lobby, cheque folders, and at other points, to inform them about the spa. To attract them to the spa, we promote special in-house offers. For non-resident guests, we use print media and digital marketing as promotional tools.

Jagpreet Kaur, Complex Spa Manager, The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi and The Westin Sohna Resort & Spa


About the spa: The Heavenly Spa, managed by The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi, is spread across 15,064 square feet. The opulent yet modern spa facilities include 10 treatment rooms and two hydrotherapy areas.

The spa menu: It has massages, body treatments, spa rituals, facials and beauty services.

Inspiration behind the current menu: The Heavenly Spa embodies our wellness philosophy; surrender to the healing touch and immerse yourself in relaxing scents, inspirin g melodies and invigorating massages. We, at The Heavenly Spa, have broken the walls of being just a spa and giving great massages and have elevated to a spa that lets you blossom. This is achieved through the facility, our staff and services. From the moment you first enter, your senses will be stimulated by the graceful décor and music that touches the soul.

Factors kept in mind while curating the menu: The value of the spa experience comes not only from the facilities, treatments and products, but from having the time and space for silence, separation from technology and personal reflection and contemplation. Throughout the spa experience, we try to touch people across seven senses: the five physical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and scent, as well as the psychological senses of emotion and meaning. Our spa menu is suitable throughout the year; though we have different offerings depending upon the weather/ season, certain facilities like sauna and steam is preferred towards winter.

Keeping it relevant: We constantly work on making the spa menu innovative for our guests. What impacts it are the trends in the cities and special days. For example for Valentine’s Day, we introduced a spa treatment that used exotic ingredients like Champagne Salt Oil, Mother of Pearl foaming scrubs, authentic Ayurvedic treatments and more. Our associates also suggest combination of treatments as per the guest’s requirement. The menu is revised on a yearly basis based on ‘What worked, Present trends and Marriott focus’.

Challenges: It took years for the spa to be recognised as a Profit Centre from merely being a requirement for being a Five Star Certification. Secondly, wellness in India has been limited to mother’s recipes and to bring it into professional light minus the sleaze was a challenge. Lastly, people have recently awakened to the journey within and self-pampering for relaxation. This awareness is late, but has arrived, and so we see a boost in the industry.

Latest additions to the menu: Promotion at Heavenly Spa, Gurgaon, Boot Camp at Westin Workout to increase of foot fall, salon packages, seasonal promotiona like happy hour, swimming classes for kids, Women’s Day and the Four Hand Massage.

USPs of the signature therapies: Providing an amalgamation of rejuvenating recuperation and regeneration along with a décor conducive towards invigoration. Constructed in a symbolic manner to meet the needs of the Westin guest, the spa provides authentic, memorable experiences based on quintessential treatments and unique product line powered by Comfort Zone from Parma, Italy, delivered with care by skilled therapists. Along with the relaxing massages one can also experience the Heavenly Feet, Hands and Face treatments. Our dedicated male and female wet therapy passages offering steam, sauna, Jacuzzi, mineral pool and Vichy shower play a pivotal role in balancing the Body Chakras. Our treatments range have durations of 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Our unique-selling packages are for 180 minutes.

Products used: For hair, we use L’Oréal Professionnel; Voch USA for hand and feet, Repechage for skin care and oils from Sage.

Marketing strategies adopted to promote the spa and its services: Our strategy is coherent and cohesive. On social media platforms, we run campaigns and contests, we also work towards creating effective content with influencers and journalists. Spa related events and activities, media familiarisation events, advertorials are continuously hosted. New offers every month is the key to attracting guests, and we have a promotion with every occasion.


Lily Bernard Serrao, Spa Manager Operations


About the spa: The Seventh Heaven Spa is situated within the Clarks Exotica Convention, Resort & Spa. It comprises of 14 treatment rooms of international standard, steam, sauna and high end Vichy shower massage therapy equipment. Our special attraction is the couple spa, the widespread space, ambience and our expert therapists.

The spa menu: We offer various therapies which have a soothing effect on the body and the mind and help you relax, such as the Classical Swedish, Seventh Heaven Balinese Sports Massage, Thai Massage, Aromatic Delight, Chinese Reflexology massage, Royal Ritual packages which includes, Javanese Mandilur, Balinese Boreh, Marma Body, Mind and Spirit Massage, Adam and Eve Serenity. Seventh Heaven Ayurveda rituals, Seventh Heaven Express Revive, Seventh Heaven Skin Care treatments, signature face therapies, Hydro Indulgence Fitness center called Body Span and Persona Salon is the special attraction.

Factors kept in mind while curating the menu: We have kept the various needs of our guests in mind while curating the menu. We have full body massages that improve overall well-being, combination therapies that also help in skin care, couple spa which focuses on the importance of relaxing and healing together, deep tissue massagesand hot stone therapies for athletes,and Ayurvedic rituals for its therapeutic benefits. We understand that the body reacts differently under different weather conditions and we accordingly modify our therapies. In the monsoon, we focus on Ayurvedic treatments and increase the use of Lemongrass oil, Eucalyptus oil and citrus-based oils which are antiseptic and antifungal. In winter, we use natural body scrubs which help in removing dry, dead cells and moisturise the skin. During the summer, the focus is on cooling the body, and hence, we use Aloe Vera, cucumber and fruit-based natural products.

Keeping it relevant: We revise our menu every six months and introduce unique and authentic body treatments. Our experts also help us create a menu which is different from the rest.

Challenges: Our main challenge is basically organising our schedule. With rising demand, arranging and attending to all the requests for a session together, at times, does become difficult. As professionals, we have managed to offer memorable experiences to our guests, so far, and hope to continue doing the same.

Latest additions to the menu: Seventh Heaven Hot Stone Massage and natural body scrubs for the summers.

USPs of the signature therapies: Marma, Body Mind and Spirit massage has a duration of 120 minutes. The exotic and highly therapeutic, Ayurvedainspired massage with aromatic herbal oil stimulates the marmas, the body’s vital pressure points. This full body massage begins with the balancing of the head’s marmas followed by the body’s points massaged by the therapist’s feet and then by hand with long sweeping strokes. The treatment concludes with a healing herbal body mask followed by a warm shower provides complete re-balancing of body mind, spirit.

Products used: Allay Matthan natural products for body and skin and L’Oréal Professionnel hair products. We also use a lot of fruit and vegetable-based products which are naturally prepared in-house.

Marketing strategies adopted to promote the spa and its services: We are creating special packages to cater to various guest needs such as Only spa package, Spa and rooms package, Spa and F&B package, Customised wedding packages and Seasonal packages. We will also be promoting the spa services through our membership programme, the Clarks Exotica Club.

Laltlanpari Varte, Spa Manager


About the spa: The Conrad Spa is spread across 5,000 square feet and houses four luxurious single spa treatment rooms and one couple spa suite. Every room is equipped with a discreet private shower and vanity counter. Locker facilities for massage patrons are also available on request. The spa engages with well-trained and certified spa therapists.

The spa menu: We offer traditional Tibetan Body Treatments, Indian Traditional Ayurveda Treatments, Modern Western Spa Treatment sand Beauty Therapies –Facial, Body Wrap and Body Scrub. Patrons can choose from a Himalayan Salt Scrub for a refreshing experience, Kundalini treatment for the exhausted mind. Pearl and Jasmine Scrub with Amethyst Wrap, a special ancient Indian therapy ‘Marma’ which uses light pressure points, sound healing and Chakra balancing, along with the use of a herbal compress to relieve stress. The Renewed Recovery Face Therapy is the best to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Kundalini Back Treatment, Ku Nye Massage and the Ananda Face Therapy are the popular therapies.

Inspiration behind the current menu: The spa massages and beauty therapies are uniquely inspired by local healing traditions. They have been reinvented to suit modern needs, and at the same time connecting guests to the local culture. We ensure consistency in the delivery of service and bring authentic products to the discerning business traveller and the uninhibited leisure traveller.

Factors kept in mind while curating the menu: An organic luxury skin care and herb-based products are selected and woven into the menu to create exclusive treatments and unique spa experiences. It is important to have a menu which offers varieties of treatments throughout the year across all the seasons. As the seasons change and skin care needs shift, there are body scrubs and wraps.

Keeping it relevant: We make additions or changes to the spa menu basis the season or an occasion. For instance, in winter, we offer therapies that help detox the skin after the party season. We also offer special therapies for the wedding season, such as Sparties, pre wedding routines, post wedding couples destress massage, and more.

Challenges: The biggest challenge is finding candidates who are well experienced and certified. As the wellness industry is growing, it is a macro trend where hospitals, hotels and airports are offering spa like services. This shift in services makes it important for spas to create and maintain an edge over these mass products.

Latest additions to the menu: While we constantly update our menu as per latest trends and seasons, we are looking at a complete revision in the third quarter of the year. Our aim this year will be to create wellness packages for patrons to experience along with their therapies. For instance, we will include nutrition and fitness tips, manicures, express facials and waxing for a de-stressing therapy.

USPs of the signature therapies: The Conrad Signature Fusion for 120 minutes, draws on the healing properties of Himalayan salt crystals, and nourishes both physical and emotional wellbeing. Pure essential oils of Damascena Rose otto, Jasmine and Sandalwood work directly with the sensory organs to settle the nervous system and revive stressed or neglected cells. It is done using products by Ila, which improve natural beauty, energy healing and create serenity in the mind.

Marketing strategies adopted to promote the spa and its services: We actively undertake internal promotions with in-house guests and our loyal patrons. Alternately, we also use digital marketing for special seasonal spa offers.

Laltlanpari Varte, Spa ManagerDr Tania Bardhan, Group Spa Manager, The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts


About the spa: ESPA at The Leela Palace Udaipur is majestically located in the courtyard gardens with views of the lake. Operation for about a decade, there are 25 employees who work dedicatedly in keeping the high standards we are reputed for.

The spa menu: We have created a personal spa experience for guests encompassing outstanding treatments that uniquely reflect a fusion of the latest scientific advances with Ayurvedic and European therapies. Together with the award-winning ESPA range of products, the exceptionally natural, high quality skin care products, anti stress oils, revitalising sea weeds and cleansing muds, the treatments on the menu achieve outstanding results to restore balance and equilibrium to the mind and body. An extensive menu of luxurious spa facials, body treatments, hot stone massages and signature treatments are offered as well as private couple’s ceremonies are available.

Factors kept in mind while curating the menu: The menu is designed and curated to reflect the essence of The Leela Palace Udaipur. Decadence, luxury, opulence, tranquility and a sense of well-being. Every experience is designed to take the guest on a journey of discovery, through stages of relaxation that prepare the mind and body for the treatment ahead. Treatments are performed in the privacy of tents with private swimming pools and relaxation areas set within their own walled gardens. There are Dosha specific treatments, too, which use medicinal oils to warm or cool the body as per the body type and need. More than the generality of weather, emphasis is on personalising the experience to the maximum.

Keeping it relevant: Our menu is based on classic favourites of guests and unique signature offerings. Hence, once we set a menu in place, we like our guests to savour it for a couple of years before bringing in new techniques and treatments. However, we refresh our classic treatment protocols with the latest advancement in spa products every few months.

Challenges: A paucity of trained personnel available. We combat this by extensively training our staff once hired, and offer various retention policies.

Latest additions to the menu: The menu was revised in 2017. Rose Princess Facial, Advance Anti ageing facials and the Detox Ritual are the new offerings.

USPs of the signature therapies: ESPA signature rituals are inspired by the local culture and Ayurvedic principles and practices. They harmonise ancient Ayurvedic healing disciplines with western practices to create treatments that nurture and rebalance the body in times of change, pressure and stress. For example, the Ayurveda-inspired Abhyanga ritual uses Dosha specific Ayurvedic oils rich in powerful medicinal herbs which when combined with long soothing symmetrical movements, aid restoration and upliftment.

Products used: ESPA range of products, anti stress oils, revitalising sea weeds and cleansing muds.

Marketing strategies adopted to promote the spa and its services: Multi-level strategies are adopted to bring in guests looking for a destination spa experience, to promote the spa to guests already booked into the hotel and non-resident guests living in Udaipur

Prakash Shivdasani, Director, R.K’s Aroma


About the brand: R.K’s Aroma has been in the business of manufacturing body care products such as, Aroma products, Essential Oils, Vedic Aromatherapy, and more, since 1991. Prakash Shivdasani was fascinated by Armatherapy and so decided to practice it. He joined the Shirley Price Institute and International College for Aromatherapy in UK, and soon launched his own manufacturing unit.

Factors considered when creating a spa product: While manufacturing products, we have to see that our range is exclusive to a spa. We have to maintain a quality that complies with national and international standards, both.The major part of developing a product lies in its aesthetics, as ultimately it is the first thing that a customer comes in contact with i.e. the product’s feel, its spreadability, its absorption capability on the skin, and other such attributes. The other factor to be given importance is making it user friendly, so that people can buy it again. The next step is to identify and define our target market so that we have a clear picture of what kind of products are to be made that will suit the appropriate consumer. For instance, products made for men are different from that for women. Therefore, we have to be updated with the current beauty trends for both the genders. We also ensure that the natural fragrances in our products are exclusive and therapeutic.

Challenges: Today people are conscious about clean ingredients and advanced delivery. Customers want new trends and usually favour niche beauty products that focus on one property at a time. Being a manufacturer, the challenge lies in creating such specialised products as pricing then becomes a major criterion. We try to maintain the highest possible quality, but sometimes procurement of raw materials does become an issue. R.K’s Aroma also manufactures products according to the market demand and offers complete client satisfaction.

Demand from spa owners: Spa owners, nowadays, are keen on active treatments that deliver maximum results in less time. They basically look for advanced professional formulations that would eliminate the use of equipment, and also focus on innovative technology. Spa owners opt for custom-made products to maintain their exclusivity .i.e. what we sell them, we should not be selling to others. They require the products to be affordably priced as they are targeting their clients. They are paticular about timely delivery and therapeutic properties, result orientation, natural and safe products which are not tested on animals, free from harmful synthetic perfumery compounds, and sulphates and parabens.

Innovative products: R.K’s Aroma has unique products like Propolis – a resin collected from beehives which balances skin oil secretions, reduces scars and blemishes, deep cleanses and treats infections and restores the skin to its youthful glory. Moringa is perfect for everyday use, as it has phenomenal skin lightening and anti pollutant qualities. It gently cleanses the skin without robbing it of its natural radiance, while its anti-ageing properties rejuvenate and bring the skin to life. Green Tea Moisturizer is a natural moisturiser that works as a sunscreen, too! Its natural astringent, antibacterial and antioxidant properties heal the skin cells and tissues harmed by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Apple Seed Enzyme along with chamomile, lavender and neroli oils, is a miracle for mature skin. It works rapidly to arrest the onset of wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with a complexion that is radiant, smooth and younger looking. Powdered Clay Packs are the ones which are at a lower risk of microbial contamination, have enhanced therapeutic properties, as well. One can mix it with their choice of ingredient like, rose water, milk or water. Body wraps that can be spread easily on the body. Bath oils that can be used while taking a bath to relax and calm the mind, body and soul. R.K’s Aroma was the first brand to launch one time use facial kits in India, and Manicure and Pedicure kit to pamper our hands and feet with Aromatherapy blends. Hair care products for nourishment, growth, scalp vitaliser, tonic, mask, and so on.

Future plans: Our future goals are to expand by reachability, conducting workshops, seminars and demonstrations of our new product innovations.We plan to develop our social media connections as word of mouth advertising works today. We aim to create more customer-based products.