Infinitas brings NCR Enactor Omnicommerce solution for specialty retail

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For general merchandise, fashion, department stores and specialty retailers, NCR has introduced NCR Enactor, a platform-independent unified commerce software suite that includes a wealth of pre-packaged retail applications that span all current customer channels as well as store and estate management. Its extensive configuration options and scale enable retailers to introduce new features quickly and replicate the same seamless shopping experience across all stores and markets.
With NCR Power Picking supermarkets and convenience, retailers can take advantage of the growing trend of online grocery shopping by introducing click-and-connect services that are fulfilled in-store. The solution, which is part of NCR’s retail hub, leverages store level inventory and imports customers’ decision-making preferences, such as perishability dates or the ripeness of produce, through e-commerce applications. The solution translates online ordering in the workflow of brick and mortar shopping processes.
NCR Enactor brings together all of the systems and services needed to run a multinational Omnichannel retail operation into a highly configurable unified package.
Control your own destiny
Speed of change and control is crucial in today’s Omnichannel world. Getting Omnichannel right can be challenging and you need a solution that can adapt and keep up with the unknown future. By using a Java based open infrastructure, NCR Enactor’s tools and applications help achieve the ultimate Omnichannel holistic experience.
What you need when you need it
NCR Enactor is a suite of world-class retail applications for tier one and middle-tier retailers which span customer channels including POS, mobile, kiosk, and online, and includes retail store, estate management and a technology platform. NCR Enactor supports general merchandise, fashion, department store, and specialty retail. The applications are inherently Omnichannel, rich in function, offer extensive configuration and scale for the largest retailers.
Flexible deployment options
NCR Enactor is a world class retail system designed and built using web-oriented architecture, technologies and standards – the essential pre-requisites for software as a service. NCR Enactor can be run in a private or managed cloud, as a stepped approach to an on-premise deployment, or as part of a hybrid model where some systems are run on-demand and others on-premise.
Implement changes faster
At the heart of NCR Enactor is the Development Toolkit. The Toolkit comprises a suite of powerful tools that allow IT teams o see inside the applications and make changes to them. It is this capability which provides access to the points in customer and business processes where the configuration to deliver software as a service is needed—and which makes NCR Enactor uniquely capable as an on-demand service.
Deploy quickly
Enterprise software typically requires extensive consultancy to run it up, but with NCR Enactor the software works out of the box. Pre-configured functions can be switched on as business needs change. You gain the benefits of using NCR Enactor applications with a reduced learning curve.

Enactor retail systems provide world-class function that spans store, mobile, Web and head office, combined with an advanced set of development tools that let IT teams rapidly build new customer value propositions. Using Web technology standards and architecture, Enactor helps retailers create and deploy digital assets to continually drive innovation, differentiate their brand and achieve competitive advantage.
For further information about NCR Retail Products and prices, connect with us at Infinitas Technologies Solutions Pvt. Ltd. [email protected]

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