Home Food CG Corp Global to open 1,500 Wai Wai noodle bars by 2022

CG Corp Global to open 1,500 Wai Wai noodle bars by 2022


For years, Wai Wai’s instant noodles have had a popular and committed following among school and college students. Taking the next step in its evolution, the noodle brand, from the house of , has introduced Wai Wai City. The ready-to-eat noodle bar has given the popular food item an appetizing make-over in various flavours to choose from.

Wai Wai City to open 1,500 noodle bars by 2022
Apart from this, to expand its presence further in the FMCG segment, CG Corp Global is in the process of setting up mega food park in Rajasthan

In an interview with Indiaretailing, Executive Director, CG Corp Global, said, “The idea is to bring the brand closer to the consumer, by giving them multiple options along with making the space a preferred nook for friends to catch up at and enjoy their favourite snack.”

He further added, “Opening our gates to a brand new gastronomical hub in the sub-continent, we plan to become the first of our kind chain of quick service restaurants in the category by introducing noodle bars and bringing the brand closer to its customers with a sense of nostalgia from a time during their college days when was the sole food many survived on.”

The menu offers an array of noodle dishes cooked in interesting styles influenced by Oriental flavours. The live kitchen has four types of noodles, seven sauces, eighteen vegetables, ten toppings and five add-ons to choose from, giving noodle lovers a host of new ways to consume this cult snack at pocket-friendly prices.

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Brand Presence

Currently, Wai Wai City has five outlets across four cities – two in Delhi, one in Pune, Bangalore and Siliguri with Chandigarh and Hyderabad in the pipeline.

“We are on the fast track to opening up 14 more outlets across the country this year, and have a target of 1,500 noodle bars feeding across a global footprint by 2022. For Wai Wai City, we have already invested Rs 250 crore to aid the expansion plans,” revealed Chaudhary.

“Across India, franchise rights have been sold for Delhi NCR, Maharashtra, Goa, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Assam, Bihar and Telangana, to name a few along with Belgium and other countries in the pipeline. We intend to experiment with the menu depending upon each region giving it a homely taste to the palate,” he further added.

Wai Wai Noodles, the second largest instant noodle brand in India, has a market share of 27 per cent and is the highest grossing instant noodle brand in the North East. With sales of over 2.3 billion packets of Wai Wai Noodles a year, the brand is now exported across 32 countries.

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Greentech Mega Food Park

Apart from this, to expand its presence further in the FMCG segment, CG Corp Global is in the process of setting up mega food park in Rajasthan.

Explaining further, Chaudhary said, “Greentech Mega Food Park is a flagship program of Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MoFPI). It aims to accelerate growth of food processing industry in the country.”

“Additionally, our vision is also to promote and incentivize industry led sustainable economic growth by creating a conducive climate which enables environmentally sustainable inclusive development, generates income and employment opportunities, and encourages skill development, thereby establishing Rajasthan as an industrial state,” he further added.

The park’s target is to create high quality processing infrastructure following a cluster-based approach, creation of an efficient supply chain, capacity building of producers and processors, wastage reduction, increase realization for farmers and employment creation.

“The Rajasthan Mega Food Park has been built to exceed customer expectations in the field of processing, distribution and marketing of safe, tasty and high-quality fruit and vegetable products from ‘ Seed to Shelf’. It aids as a base to our operations on values, commitment, experience and knowledge of our people, partners and investors. The core values of the food park is to create, control and monitor the quality and origin of the crops by constant value addition to the farmers and meet with the challenges presented by the current market scenarios,” concluded Choudhary.