Bigbasket announces a record customer base of 5 million

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Bigbasket, one of India’s largest online supermarkets – with a presence in over 26 cities in India – has successfully crossed the 5 million customers mark. The company offers convenient, one-stop online shopping for high quality fresh products at competitive prices delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. Bigbasket currently receives over 50,000 orders each day.
On the occasion of reaching this 5 million mark, Bigbasket also launched a BIG SAVE offer. Bigbasket’s customers, affectionately termed ‘Bigbasketeers’ living in metro cities, availed the offers on a vast selection of 20,000 products from across 1000 brands – from fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, dals, spices and seasonings to packaged products, beverages, personal care products and meats.
Co-founder, Bigbasket, Vipul Parekh said, “We are indeed happy to announce this achievement and are very excited to reach the 5 million customers mark. We are thankful to our Bigbasketeers for placing their trust in our services. To celebrate this milestone, we will be running several special offers for them over the coming weekend and launching new offers for the month. We currently operate at 99.5 per cent fill rate and 99 per cent on-time delivery. With our guaranteed order fill rate and no-questions-asked return policy, we are happy to say that Bigbasket has become a preferred choice for e-shoppers.”
Bigbasket, at every step, tries to innovate as per its customers’ buying preferences. For instance they offer three distinctive delivery models:

  1. ‘Full service model’ for planned buys; large orders, average of 25+ items, delivered in four slots in a day.
  2. 90-minute express delivery service; for quick shopping items such as milk, bread/dairy as well as top-up items such as fruits, vegetables and meats.
  3. Specialty stores; for those who prefer to buy certain products from a local shop or of a particular brand.

Bigbasket also has a strong line of private labels that contribute to 35 per cent of the total sales, largely driven by their fresh produce, staples and FMCG brands. This is expected to grow to 40 per cent by the end of this year. Some private labels that are popular among Bigbasketeers include Fresho, BB Royal, BB Popular, Royal Organic, Tasties and HappyChef that offer products across categories such as dips, breads, cookies, premium chocolates, ready-to-eats, baby wipes and more.
To ensure the freshest produce, Bigbasket sources 60 per cent of its sales in the Fruits and Vegetables segment (18 per cent of the total business) directly from farmers via several Collection Centers that they have built across the country. So when ‘Bigbasketeers’ shop, they are directly helping farmers’ incomes increase by 10-15 per cent!
Bigbasket has also recently strengthened its B2B business by expanding to the HoReCa (Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterers) segment and partnering with SnapBizz, a retail-technology firm, in an effort to transform India’s kirana stores into technology-enabled modern retail stores.
5 years into the business, Bigbasket’s average monthly customer spend has grown from Rs. 500 – 800 in December 2011 to Rs. 2000+. In the past year alone the company has seen over a 300 per cent growth and continues to grow by 10 per cent on a month-on-month basis.

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