Sanjay Arora, Managing Director, D’Decor


Sanjay Arora
Managing Director
Sanjay Arora is the founder and Managing Director of D’Décor Exports Pvt Ltd. Arora is instrumental in making D’Decor the largest woven upholstery and curtain manufacturer in the world.
He is an Executive M.B.A. from the London School of Business. He completed his technical training in the Japanese textile industry. He first entered the textile business in the nineties, beginning with the curtains segment.
Sanjay Arora also heads the Embroidery division at D’Décor, which manufactures embroidered curtains, upholstery and bedsheets.
He is the brainchild behind the Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan Campaign which has helped make the brand D’Decor local.
Arora now wants to connect to the consumers directly after setting up D’Décor’s flagship retail outlet called The D’Décor Store at Bandra, Mumbai in 2014. Subsequently, D’Décor launched stores in Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi. He has plans to setup 11 stores across India, one in Dubai and one in Singapore in the next two years.
With this venture, Arora wants the consumers to get a complete brand exposure. He has also introduced various products like different types of curtains, branded wallpapers and rugs to India.
Towards introducing curtain blinds in India, Sanjay Arora has already setup a world-class blinds factory in India in 2015. Apart from that, D’Décor Blinds is present across more than 100 galleries pan India.
He is now planning to launch an exclusive collection of European rugs for the Indian markets in 2017.
Recently, D’Décor have won SRTEPC’s below two awards, behind which Sanjay Arora was involved,
Gold Trophy – Man Made Embroidery Fabrics
Silver Trophy – Synthetic and Rayon Filament Fabrics