Online and upcoming: The Internet’s impact on India and its retail economy

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The Internet today connects more than two billion people worldwide. The Internet already has immense impact on the global economy, contributing an estimated $1.7 trillion, or just under 3 percent, of global GDP in 2010.1 Yet half the number of Internet users lives outside the advanced economies, often in countries that are quickly developing, have significant economic potential and are socially and culturally diverse.
India has about 120 million people online today and offers a striking example of the Internet’s growth potential. India is adopting the Internet at a much more rapid pace than advanced economies and even many developing economies, yet 90 percent of its population is currently not connected.
McKinsey’s research focuses on the way the Internet affects India’s economy currently, and its potential to do so in future. In its attempt to understand the impact of the Internet, the report focuses on how economic growth and prosperity have been affected; and also seeks to discover how individuals, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and public sector entities have been transformed.
In addition to assessing the Internet landscape and its impact on the various groups of participants, the report examines the potential for India to utilize the particular strengths of its economy to enable businesses and individuals to derive greater benefits from the Internet. It does not offer prescriptive policies, but focuses on opportunities and possibilities for India to accelerate its efforts to capture the Internet’s benefits.
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