Ozone Ayurvedics: Giving the skin care industry a makeover

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Beauty is a booming industry in India. The new, fast moving lifestyle of Indians has made them aspire for immediate cosmetic solutions. While short-lived beautification at the cost of long-term damage should be avoided, what is the solution to this demand? Chief Managing Director, Ozone Ayurvedics, SC Sehgal says his brand manufactures products that truly understand how to respect skin. Salon India spoke exclusively to Sehgal about the USP of the brand, marketing strategy, vision and much more…
What is your professional background?
I come from a very humble background and started my career as a medical representative. However, I believe in the adage, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’, so I willed myself to be where and what I am today. Right from Day One, I have been goal-oriented and every time, everywhere, whatever target or objective was given to me, I have always achieved it. I found a way to succeed rather than look for reasons to explain why it could not be done.
What are your current role and responsibilities?
Being an enabler and taking pleasure in the success of people is far more pleasing than being proud of your own achievements. My understanding and aim today is to be an enabler in facilitating the team’s success. My role and responsibility is to offer guidance and consultation so that they can carve their own success.
What inspired you to get involved in the skin care business?
A healthy skin is a reflection of a healthy mind body and soul and whatever happens, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, it is first reflected on the skin. Hence, taking care of the skin has always held a special place at the Ozone Group. The inspiration for getting involved in skin care came from the observation that the market is largely occupied with products that are chemical-based and offer short-term solutions to a long-term problem. The Ozone Professional Range, thus, strives to understand the cause and correct the problem to give beautiful and healthy skin. Maintaining and beautifying the skin with natural and friendly products is our aim.
What is the USP of the brand?
What is truly unique about our products is their sincerity in actually caring and respecting the skin. Our research and development experts work everyday to offer the most natural,yet, effective solutions to skin problems and its maintenance. The Ozone Professional Range is enriched with organic active ingredients that only nourish the skin with zero side effects.
What are the marketing strategies adopted?
We would like our concept and thoughts to be understood. We meet these needs by organic, chemical free products that help the skin glow in a healthy manner. To create awareness about the importance of using natural products, we hold ‘Ozone Days’ in salons and spas where customers can get to know the nature of their skin and its needs.
How many SKUs do you have?
In the Ozone Professional Range, we have 33 SKUs.
How are the products priced and where all are they available?
If prices are high, they remain aspirational, but not affordable. Therefore, for the love and respect we hold for healthy beautiful skin, we want our products to be aspirational and affordable. We like to associate with professionals, who believe in beautification without long term damage. Our products are available at salons and spas that use natural products.
What are your views on the beauty industry of India?
Beauty is a booming industry in India. However, in the fast moving lifestyle, people want immediate cosmetic solutions. We strongly believe that short-lived beautification at the cost of long-term damage should be avoided. My observation and views are that at many places, short-term beautification is created without knowing the harm these solutions cause to the skin. However, we are observing that people are slowly moving towards therapeutic, long term solutions and are understanding the side effects of using chemical-based products. Healthy is slowly coming in vogue and clients are demanding for organic and skin-friendly solutions.
What are your plans for the brand?
We are working towards researching and developing the best kind of products that we can offer. We want to promote a healthier and skin deep ideology of beauty rather than cosmetic and superficial.
What is the future of the beauty industry in India?
The growth in GDP and overall economy shows that the growth in the beauty industry is going to increase manifold. With growing consumer awareness, people are becoming specific and demanding about what they use on their skin. The organic and natural segment of the beauty industry is going to be huge in the times to come when people no longer want short-term solution, but a long-lasting solutions that reflect from inside out.

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