Bulkhouse brings e-commerce community on single platform

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Bulkhouse Trading India, an e-commerce platform, plans to launch a portal to bring together manufacturers, wholesalers and traders in direct contact with buyers for transactions on products made or value added across the country.
According to a PTI report: The website will use advanced technology to enable buyers and suppliers spread across the country to come on a single platform where they can choose to buy or sell.
It will bring the complete e-commerce community on one single platform for the first time. To ensure efficiency, the company plans to build its own back-end support system.
Bulkhouse will have its own logistics and also warehouse facility for faster, easier and cheaper shipping of all the products.
The portal will bring together international and domestic buyers in direct contact with the small, medium and large businesses to meet their sourcing requirements.
This would encourage the SMEs and MSMEs to expand their business across domestic as well as international market by choosing to export their products across the globe via Bulkhouse.
“This advanced trade platform will offer end-to- end value-added services. Bulkhouse is not just a directory of suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers or dealer. Here you can negotiate, buy or sell on a single advanced online platform with secured payment gateways. Be it a small package or a truck load of products, our logistic partners will pick up the product from the seller and deliver it to the buyer’s door step,” Trading CEO, Bulkhouse, Adarsh Chilukuri was quoted by PTI as saying.

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