Farmavita’s Omniplex: The go-to product for hair

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Omniplex is a system based on a new technology, which has at its core a molecule characterised by amino groups placed at the edges of the polymer chain. Omniplex contains eight different actives that act together to provide protection and benefit the scalp and hair.
Here’s what professionals, who have used Omniplex, have to say about it:
pallePalle Freese: Winner of the Global Salon Business awards Hollywood 2008; Hair Construction International, Kolding- Denmark
“Omniplex used in colour: I felt a big difference when I used it on dry and damaged hair. The hair actually became healthy after a colour treatment, since the bond maker really strengthens the hair. After using Step 2 for five minutes, the hair was silky smooth and soft with a lot of shine.”
“Omniplex used with bleach and highlift colours: I felt the same great results when it was used in colours. On top of these benefits, I also saw a big difference on the scalp, where the clients felt less irritation from the super lightener and also when used in bleach powder. So I’m really happy to use Omniplex!”
angeloAngelo Immormino: Salon Owner, Technical Trainer and Color Specialist at Farmavita Academy, Italy
“Omniplex is amazing! The integrity of hair is no longer compromised by chemical services.”
alessandroAlessandro Atzei: Owner of five salons in Milan. Alessandro is a famous beauty consultant and colour technician, Geminy Salons, Italy
“I can honestly say that Omniplex is a must-have product! It is an essential component in every colour, balayage and bleaching technique.”

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