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    Breathe fresh with Dettol’s air protect mask


    With a promise to protect health, has stood up as the most trusted brand for the last eight decades. Among the various ranges of antiseptic, handwash, soaps and others, the company has introduced an , to save its customers from air pollution.

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    Dettol is selling their newly launched air protect mask through Amazon. A protection against air borne diseases

    , the world’s leading e-commerce portal has recently launched the Dettol air masks. On this occasion Marketing Director of Dettol, Arjun Purkayastha said “Dettol has consistently worked towards solutions for improving the health and hygiene of our consumers. The risk from air pollution is very real and getting worse by the day,” quoted by The Economic Times as saying.

    As per a report of WHO in 2015, India stands among 13 of the 20 most polluted cities in the world. The airborne particles are responsible for problems like lung cancer bronchitis and other heart related diseases. The mask invented by Dettol will surely be a big step towards a solution to these problems.

    Very truly said by the people of the bygone era, one day we will have to pay for the air that we breath.