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L’Oreal woos beauty fans with Fab Beauty


L’Oreal, the French beauty giant has surprised its customers with , a low-key site that eyes at the most devoted and in-the-know beauty connoisseurs. With Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez as their brand ambassador, L’Oreal stands as one of the world’s biggest retailer, with a budget of $5.3 billion.

L'OREAL introduces Fab Beauty, a low-key site for the beauty fanatics

President products division L’Oreal professional, An Verhulst-Santos told The Economic Times, “We’ve always said our job is to launch brands and products, but also to promote and endorse the industry of beauty. It’s an industry people relate to, and we are lucky that it’s so inspiring and engaging.” She also said “This is about neutrality, experience, and craft, not about a product destination – we have other places to do that.”

Planner at Leo Burnett’s luxury & lifestyle division, Dan Williams said “Only confident brands can do this. It’s a smart way to engage an audience when everyone else is pushing messages. And it’s a good testing bed-you can use the data to inform your brand and its products. Nowness is a place to go if you are into fashion and art. Louis Vuitton could be seen as a traditional prestige group, but this keeps it current and fresh, and embedded in a new creative class”, as reported by The Economic Times.