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Devarana Spa: Doorway to dreams!


Ensconced in an oasis, the Dusit Devarana Resort & Spa spells luxury from the word go. The lush greenery and water bodies that surround the have been created to lend privacy and tranquility.

Devarana Spa offers an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation in its very own healing garden.

About the spa: ‘Devarana’, pronounced te-wa-run, has its origins in Thai-Sanskrit which means the ‘garden in heaven’. It dates back to ancient Thai literature, called Tribhumphraruang, also known as Traibhumikatha, written by Phraya Lithai. In this literary work, the writer described this particular garden as situated at the gate of heaven, surrounded by gardens and ponds, with a heavenly scent and a nurturing environment. In the garden, people can hear soft music played by the harp, flute and spa receptionother traditional musical instruments. In addition, the décor of the garden glimmers with silver and gold and is filled with natural stones and gems. The Devarana Spa offers an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation in its very own healing garden. With an emphasis on Eastern pampering, the Thai health and beauty practices have been sourced from age-old therapies and updated with modern knowledge to revitalise guests.

Design elements: Inspired by the concept of the garden in heaven, Devarana Spa, is spa insidedesigned by Ploy Chariyaves, who is a renowned writer from Thailand. The visual elements excite the senses and makes guests feel truly special. Luxurious pampering and healing treatments are offered in a soothing, stress-relieving environment. The contemporary Thai design and décor invites guests to transcend the everyday world and provides a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy premium spa treatments with traditional Thai service and hospitality.

Therapy rooms: The Devarana Spa is nestled amongst the quietude of lush gardens and water bodies. The space comprises of extensive outdoor treatment areas, such as, the Yoga Pavilion, a glass box fitness centre, a Turkish Hammam, the Thai Pavilion and sand beds. There are four indoor treatment suites, two double and two single, with private verandahs that house the signature treatments. Also available are jacuzzi, sauna and steam facilities and an outdoor Thai massage bed. The flooring is in Greek white Thassos marble.

Product used: There are different set of aromatic oils used under the signature Devarana product line.
Architects: Khun Lek Bunnang from Thailand
Spokesperson quote: The Devarana Spa is the soul of this beautiful resort. It is where we redefine the lifestyle of our guests by restoring the lost pockets of energy and inner strength, through our package of six senses with each treatment undertaken.
Address: Dusit Devarana, Samalkha, NH8, New Delhi
Email: spa.ddnd@devarana.in