Wedding do’s for the new age bride

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There is so much to look forward on the big day, especially when it comes to the right hair and beauty look. It’s a crucial part and we have put together an exclusive hair board, featuring the most valuable piece of advice from the salon gurus. So hurry and make some notes!

Rohan Jagtap, BBlunt, Mumbai

  • Bridal Book: As time has evolved, classic shapes make its mark again with modern rohantwist to it. Classic Chignon or French Banane with dynamic touch are trending this season. Smooth sleek finish or soft beautiful textured shapes make it modern and elegant.
  • Bridal Add-Ons: I believe ‘less is more’. So lesser the accessories, the more beautiful the hair will look. Hairstyles with a suitable flower or a minimal, yet, elegant piece of accessory is perfect.
  • Expert Speak: With a suitable cut and colour to enhance hair movement and brighten up the complexion, it is important for the hairdresser to work on the bride for months in advance. Along with timely conditioning or nourishing treatments, care for the scalp, too, is a must. Provided a bride uses recommended home care products, hair will feel and look healthy.
  • An Absolute NO-NO: It is more important to know what not do. So big heavy hair up styles, with a head full accessories, screaming loud make-up is not at all happening.

Ishoka Hair & Beauty, Aberdeen, Scotland

Bridal Book: We are seeing a lot of simple waves and classic chignons within the wedding season. Simple, chic waves are
sophisticated and can be easily maintained throughout the day, using great finishing products. The chignon is another classic and is
seen at many weddings. It again requires minimum maintenance throughout the day or night and is a favourite among the brides.

An Absolute NO-NO: When it comes to wedding hair, we always consult with the bride, as to what is their dress and accessories.
Everything should flow and not be too over the top. Each bride has their own personal style and it is essential that we keep within these
boundaries. Always invite your hairdresser! That way you can ensure your hair is kept in tip top condition throughout the day!

Nicole Serpes, Nalini Of Nalini & Yasmin Salon, Mumbai

  • Bridal Book: This year, the wedding hair and make-up trends nicholeare different from the past, but also inspired from the past. It’s simplicity perfected. From braided hair dos to tie-up curls, this wedding season is a mix of simplicity, charm and elegance. When it comes to make-up, the smoky eyes are still a favourite, but now with a touch of playful colour.”
  • Expert Speak: If skin and hair needs to be improved and treated, start at least a month in advance. The salon aesthetician and hair spa person will guide you after a consultation and recommend the required treatments in the salon and a follow up for home care regime, too.

Vidya Tikari, Proprietor, The Vidya Tikari Studio, New Delhi

Bridal Book: What I see, this wedding season is zero glitter, so if vidya tikariyou want a bit of shine, apply  shimmer at the inner corners of the eyes only and the rest of the eyes can be made smoky. However, brides can add a hint gold on the lids, which look glamorous and elegant. We don’t have to put anything wet on the eyes; stick to a deep red mouth and nails. Eyebrows have to be well-structured and lashes play a big part in all the make-up, whether it’s a natural lash or full on thick one. Contouring and highlighting is not necessary, you can put any colour on the cheek, depending on your outfit. When it comes to wedding hair, it again depends from bride to bride – there are women who love braids, whilst there are some, who like clean, high and tight hair up dos. The one which is contemporary and chic is the pulled back tight hair look. Also, messy hair, like different kinds of braids combined into a bun, look very interesting.

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