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More and more Oktoberfest hosts using Rational


Come September 19 and Munich, Germany, will open its door for Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival. This year the event will witness between six to seven million attendees.

For a long time now, beer tents like the Hofbräu tent, the Pschorr Bräurosl or the  Schottenhamel have placed their trust in Rational- the global market and technology leader in the thermal preparation of food in professional kitchens- when selecting cooking appliances.

Once again this year, Rational will be equipping a majority of the beer tents at Oktoberfest — a total of 70 units in all. The devices are gaining in popularity among the larger brewery tents in particular. , manager of the Löwenbräu beer tent and the festival’s longest-active host, began working with Rational just this year.

For most tent hosts, reliability is the deciding factor in choosing to work with Rational units. According to the manufacturer, they also appreciate the way the units automatically clean themselves overnight, the on-site service options and the exceptional cooking results.

The fact that the devices can be used for a variety of purposes is an important consideration as well. “Regardless of whether hosts are preparing pork knuckle, spare ribs, ox, duck, veal sausage, vegetables or potato gratin, they’ll always get optimum results with our units,” confirms , Managing Director at .

“The Wiesn hosts know and appreciate the advantages of our cooking appliances from their kitchen operations back home,” Akai adds. All tent managers working with Rational appliances also use them throughout the rest of the year in their restaurants and beer gardens.