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Farmland Premium Foods taps growing scope of Belgian food products


On the eve of the on July 21, 2015, of Belgium in New Delhi turned into a venue for the connoisseurs of food and food importers / traders. The evening dinner which was hosted by H.E. Jan Luykx, Ambassador to India, along with Farmland Premium Foods, gathered much praise and appreciations for the quality of fresh products used to showcase the vibrancy of Belgian cuisine along with various Belgian beverages. The Ambassador welcomed all guests and thanked them, for being present and celebrating the special day by tasting the cuisine in Belgian style.

The theme of the evening was ‘Taste of Belgium – Buffet Reception’ that presented food prepared using authentic Belgian ingredients. The event saw presence of several notable chefs, including Manjit S. Gill of ITC Hotels, food importers, hospitality professionals, food consultant & chef Vivek Saggar, celebrity chef and many more. Apart from them, there were dignitaries from the US Embassy, Italian Embassy and other foreign embassies who keenly observed and relished culinary delights of Belgium.

As the co-host for the evening, Raka Singh, wife of the Ambassador, said that considering the richness and authentic natural flavours that this cuisine incorporates in the dishes, Indians, by and large, will like it. “In fact, I know many people who find Belgian cuisine easily acceptable to their taste choices even after being strong supporters of Indian cuisines. The freshness of ingredients and subtle recipes will definitely lure Indians to try out this wonderful cuisine,” she added.

, Founder President & , Co-Founder at Farmland Premium Foods, said, “Belgian food can be best relished with authentic and fresh ingredients, which we import into India. Farmland Premium Foods LLP is proud to be associated with Jademo NV, Belgium, known for their best quality pork meat from Belgium. We are constantly meeting the needs and demands for supplying the fresh produce from Belgium which are of high quality.”

The event showcased various recipes of pork, lamb and chicken with an assortment of veg and non-veg side dishes that rely on quality fresh produce. Talking about the scope, Luykx said that through companies like Farmland Premium Foods, Begian cuisine will definitely make a place among Indians.

Procurement professionals from the hospitality industry were also present to identify the business scope associated with Belgium-grown products and Belgian cuisine.