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Anushka Sharma Lady Luck on My Side


Her onscreen energy is infectious and her million dollar smile can perk you up in a flash. And she has given ample proof of her megawatt energy in Band Baaja Baarat, Jab Tak Hai Jaan and her various TV interviews. shares her beauty and fitness secrets with Salon India

Life has gotten busier for this model-turned-actress-turned-producer, still Anushka Sharma believes in abiding by a few rules to keep herself looking like a million bucks, for which discipline is key. “I often get to hear that my smile is my best feature. I flash it when I don’t feel beautiful inside,” says the vivacious actor, most recently seen in the 1960s period drama, Bombay Velvet.

“My skin has to be squeaky clean”

Since my skin is always exposed to a lot of make-up, cleansing and scrubbing forms an integral part of my beauty ritual. I always make sure I remove every trace of make-up from my skin with a creamy cleanser, wash my face well and moisturise it with a cocoa butter lotion. I am paranoid about keeping my skin and hair squeaky clean. My mom suggests that I use natural products like milk, honey, papaya and banana to get that long- lasting glow.

“I dread hair fall”

I take precautions because of my cleanliness overdrive so I avoid washing my hair without oiling them and keep it for at least an hour before shampooing. Nothing works better than a good hot coconut oil massage that keeps the scalp and hair strong and healthy. I believe that only healthy hair will remain beautiful over time, and products like Parachute Advansed Coconut Oil provide the necessary nourishment to keep it healthy and shiny. It also protects it from external damage, which is important for my hair as it gets exposed to so many styling and grooming products.
“I prefer less make-up to more”

It’s not the amount of make-up, but the application trick that is of utmost importance. I like foundations in light shades that complement my skin tone. A hint of eye shadow, a brown or black pencil and a dash of mascara and a good highlighting powder do it for me. I like glosses as they add a shine while keeping lips moisturised. My daily make-up involves a light application of tinted moisturisers, brown eye pencil on the lower lash and a touch of mascara, a peachy pink blush and a light lipstick or lip gloss. For an event, I will put a wash of peach eyeshadow and summery coral lipstick. Usually I end up using MAC’s eyeshadow in Bamboo with an illuminator under the arch, dark brown or grey eye pencil. A black kohl happens only when I wear saris.

“A good lifestyle translates into good looks

I have inherited good skin and hair from my mother. It is my responsibility to take care of it though and I feel apart from make-up and products, exercising well, choosing foods carefully (few carbs, more proteins and lots of water) and meditating twice a day has saved my skin and hair. I make sure I have a fruit or two every day for my share of anti-oxidants. The key is to maintain a healthy balance between eating well and exercising right, be it to keep your weight in check or get that glow on your skin.”