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House of Napius launches radiation safe maternity wear in India

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Maternity wear brand, House of Napius has launched a first-of-its-kind line of radiation safe maternity clothing line. According to its Founder-Director, Nehal Mehta, the expectant mother and her unborn child are most susceptible to the harmful radiation emitted by cell phones and cell tower. Mehta shares more on its collection and retail plans.
Actress Raveena Tandon along with Founder and Director, Nehal Mehta launched ‘House of Napius’, a line of radiation safe maternity wear using path breaking NESA technology (Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Shielding Alternatives) recently in Mumbai.
Raveena launched the brand by making the first purchase on their e-commerce website. The actress expressed how she was honoured and delighted to unveil the brand, “As a mother, protecting and safe guarding my children is of utmost importance for me. When House of Napius approached me, I felt an immediate connect to the message and underlying responsibility the brand has committed to fulfill. The creation and development of radiation safe maternity wear for women is a leap towards healthier living and I feel proud to be here to unveil and launch the House of Napius.” Speaking at the launch Mehta who comes with years of experience in banking and wealth management sector said, “When we began House Of Napius our main thought was how we can create a business that is better for humanity? The House of Napius maternity clothing collection is our contribution to a socially responsible movement towards a healthy living for all, as we extend radiation safe apparel to kids wear, and women’s and men’s wear. With partners like NESA we have been able to achieve some of that dream.”
House of Naipus
The brand provides a range of maternity wear which includes office wear, daily and night wear, cocktail dresses, and much more which will allow every mother to be stylish, yet safe. Each garment is designed to not only protect the child, but to provide unparalleled comfort and ease of use for the pregnant mother.
Retail planning
House of Napius is an exclusive and affordable maternity clothing line that will be available in stores across the country from April. With a lack of choice for maternity clothing in India and an increase of radiation levels around us, the brand helps every mother stay stylish and safe.
With patents in India, House of Napius will be applying for patents in USA, Europe and the Middle East. The brand aims at penetrating into tier-I and-II cities in India as well as international supplies and expansions in their first year. The brand offers apparel strating from the price range of Rs. 2,800 to Rs. 5,500 per garment with the inner layer of the fabric tried and tested with detailed R&D and certified to being the first ever shield to radiation.
The brand will be partnering with online retailers as well as existing brick and mortar retailers in tier -I and -II cities of India. The company aims at being the leader in the maternity wear market in the coming years. The company also plans to have a standalone web portal for online sales.
Radiation free maternity wear
India has more than 900 million cell phone users and over 1 million cell towers. With our modern changing lifestyle these products have formed an eminent part of our daily needs making us forget the harm that it could cause such as heart related problems, miscarriages, cancer, brain tumor and other diseases. Launching its first line, House of Napius showcases a collection where fashion meets technology to keep up with the changing modern lifestyle while guaranteeing protection for the unborn baby.
NESA Radiation Solutions Private Limited is the company which has partnered with the brand House of Napius to produce the line of radiation safe maternity wear. NESA’s core expertise is in the field of electromagnetic radiation measurement and shielding solutions. With a lack of choice for maternity clothing in India and an increase of radiation levels around us, the brand helps to come to the rescue of the mothers to be from the electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us in the form of electrical and electronic appliances, FM and TV towers, cell phones and cell towers, wi-fi, etc.
Maternity wear market in India
India is considered to be one of the desirable destinations for retail businesses across the world, making it a lucrative market for business in untapped markets such that of maternity products. The Indian maternity market has been witnessing tremendous growth in the last few years in comparison to the other emerging markets across the world. The maternity wear market in India is pegged to be around Rs. 1,000 crores. Morph Maternity and Zeme were the first few entrants in the industry. Maternity apparel is one of the fastest growing segments of the industry.
The maternity products market in India is largely concentrated amongst the giant retail stores, Mom & Me and Mothercare with the former having a greater market share as compared to the latter.

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