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Hairstyling This Summer

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As the summer heats up, fashionistas like to take this chance to get creative. The idea of trying to look stylish over a number of days can also be daunting, especially if showers and a hair dryer are not an easy option.
Add a splash of colour
Using hair chalk to get into the vibe can look fantastic when done right, and with such a great range of formulas available in a rainbow of colours. With celebrities from Katy Perry to Laura Whitmore trying out this look, it’s a chance to change the look for something playful. Since the colour is temporary, it’s usually easy to wash. Once picked clothes of choice, dampen the hair and start lightly rubbing the chalk into the hair, focusing on the ends for a more ombre effect. Leave to dry naturally for a tousled look or blow dry with a round brush for a smooth finish and to seal in the colour.
Add sass with hair pieces
Too scared to try the hair chalk? Plenty of retailers are providing fun, quirky hair pieces at reasonable prices without the risk of something which could be permanent. Asgar recommends a hair piece to anyone with a lighter blonde hair so there is no risk of wearing an outlandish colour. Try a fun clip in fringe or braid for a quick fix which makes an impact, or choose some hair pieces in funky colours.
Seventies style flow
The 1970’s is one of the most influential style eras for this season, and Asgar predicts that this will also be adopted by the top fashionistas this year. A seventies hair style can be great fun, especially for a sleeker look. After blow-drier, set hair with big rollers. Once it’s cooled, gently backcomb the hair to add more volume and then fix with plenty of hairspray. Bring some dry shampoo in handbag to elongate the look for a second day effect.

Borrow style from Kate Moss

The idea of unwashed, dirty hair can feel scruffy, since there are hairstyles that only work really well on dirty hair, now is the time to try these and embrace the low maintenance look. Asgar says, ” I love Kate Moss’ iconic Croydon face lift, which she always styles with unwashed hair. Brush the hair through and pull it back tight into a bun on the top of your head. The extra texture in hair will help to fix the look and will give iconic supermodel off duty look.
Quick fix plait
Another quick and easy look to try is with plaits – and this can work the next day too. Style the hair into a cute French braid or two plaits for a day of partying, then leave hair and sleep on it overnight. In the morning, take the plaits out, shake hair and separate with fingers for a tousled rock chick effect which should last all day.
The inputs are provided by hairstylist Asgar Saboo

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