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Arif Fazlani


Managing Director
Arabian Nights Pvt Ltd

A retail expert with over more than 20 years of experience in operations & development in retail, Arif Fazlani has spearheaded the business growth of speciality luxury chain Arabian Nights since inception.

Fazlani’s skills and experience range from strategising business growth, operations, budgeting, marketing & branding to product development, customer analytics, compliances, negotiations and liaising.

Arabian Nights is the only Oriental specialty luxury retail chain in India, whose products include a range of intricately designed Hookahs and Shishas, Hookah accessories, Arabic hose pipes, flavour bowls, fragrances, charcoals and aluminum foils. The retailer currently operates 10 exclusive stores across Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and Gujarat.

“Our goal and vision is to impart Arabian traditions and present the colours of that rich culture to the Indian milieu,” Fazlani says. “Our stores showcase an exclusive product range that helps one unwind, relax and experience the finer things of life.”

Referring to his cross-functional abilities, Fazlani notes that it is only Retail as a business sector that allows one to develop such diversity in professional skills.

“One of the many aspects that I value about the retail industry is the variety of disciplines and diverse career opportunities. Every opportunity has permitted me to grow, develop, and acquire knowledge that will help pave the way for an exciting and unique career path,” he says.

“Retail is a very stimulating and fast-paced environment, and leads to accelerated personal and career growth,” he adds.

“To achieve full potential, Indian retailers must adapt to the changes happening in the consumer space and transactional habits; the industry is changing rapidly, especially with emerging technologies and platforms,” he notes.

To illustrate his point, Fazlani points out that Arabian Nights has made the leap to the online space with the launch of an e-commerce platform. “Adoption of technology — both in internal systems and how to present yourself externally — is critical for Indian retailers to succeed in this dynamic marketplace today,” he asserts.