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The brand was incepted in 1992 for the confident, self-assured individual who wants to stay away from unabashed attitudes and style. With its in-house design team, the company strongly believes in constant innovations. The brand closely works with some well-known international designers from Italy and France.   

Brand USP: Constant inovation in product line is the USP of the brand. Fresh fashion every season, customer satisfaction is always the first priority of Passport.   

Core Product Offering: Denims and casual garments

Target consumers: Youth and denim lovers   

No. of Indian cities currently present in: 25

Total no. of EBOs:15

Total no of MBOs: 400

No. of EBOs added in 2014: 2

No. of MBOs added in 2014: 10

Total no. of flagship store(s): 12

New territory/ region added: 2

Presence in online retail and multi-channel expansion plans: Passport is present on major online portals. Quite serious in penetrating in online segment, the brand is also introducing its e-commerce website.

The targeted towns or cities in the next couple of years: Sothern towns and cities   

Growth percentage(CAGR last 3 years): 30%

Brand turnover(estimated for CY2014): Rs 30 crores