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Amy Billimoria: Rich Excellence


The multi-faceted Amy Billimoria is a successful couturier, fashion mentor and successful entrepreneur who has been a part of the Indian fashion fraternity for the last two decades. She believes in classic styles that do not fade with time

What is the contribution of a fashion designer in planning and creating a model’s looks?
The designer plays a crucial role in planning and executing the fi nal look of the model and ensemble. The entire look comprises hairstyles, palette of make-up colours along with the right accessory or headgear that complete the look and help create the style statement.

What is the importance of hair and make-up in fashion?
Correct fashion defines the complete look. The styling of hair is done to complement the ensemble and the shades. The styling used in make-up goes a long way in adding the oomph factor. A simple attire teamed with an elaborate hairdo and good eye make-up can make heads turn.

Who is your inspiration?
I draw inspiration from my inner self which helps translate my creativity into fabric drapes.

Which is the most outrageous look adopted by you?
My photo shoot called ‘The Runaway Bride’ in collaboration with Subi Samuel, was one of the most haute couture shoots in terms of style. Other amazing looks we shot were over the top hair teamed with fusion clothes and strong make-up by Bharat and Dorris.

What is the missing element in the fashion weeks?
I wish there were more use of headgears in Indian fashion weeks because I strongly believe that they help create a style statement at a larger level.

Who are the make-up artists you usually work with?
I work with Bharat and Dorris and Yatin Kadam for most of my shows and fashion shoots.

How do you incorporate beauty and hairstyles in your collection or ramp?
I work with creative hair and make-up maestros in most of my shows. Bharat and I have never seen another hair expert better than Dorris. She helps create the most unusual looks in hair – be it wild, exaggerated or vintage. We experiment each time to ensure newness.

What are your favourite make-up and hair products?
I prefer Shiseido and MAC for make-up and L’Oréal for hair.

What are the beauty trends that you have witnessed in the past few years?
There has been a lot of new styles in terms of eye make-up that we have seen growing in the past couple of years. Right from the shimmer shadows to tiger prints to winged liners and we have experimented with it all.

What are your future plans? Do you plan to be involved in the cosmetic and hair industry of India?
I am coming up with my own perfume brand which should be a must-have for all Indian brides.