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Thermage treatment by Bausch & Lomb

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Thermage, a premium skin tightening and anti-ageing non-invasive treatment by Bausch & Lomb is now available with all top cosmetologists at Kaya Skin Clinic, Blush, Three Graces, TCLC, Skin Alive, Kubba Skin clinic, RA’s Aesthetics Clinic, Aayna and other leading skin clinics. Like any other invasive skin tightening treatment, there are no serious adverse effects with Thermage system.
Thermage is the US FDA approved skin tightening procedure for treatment of wrinkles and rhytides including the upper and lower eyelids and the temporary improvement in the appearance of cellulite.
Talking about the vision for Bausch & Lomb Aesthetics Business, Sanjay Bhutani, MD India and SAARC, said, “Bausch & Lomb is driven by a pioneering spirit to explore new frontiers in science and technology. With a diversified product portfolio and robust growth, Bausch & Lomb plans to offer the most innovative, effective and cutting-edge technology products in the Indian market to meet the needs of beauty conscious Indians.”
There are treatments that work by weakening or paralysing the muscles that form wrinkles whereas Thermage utilises proprietary monopolar radiofrequency technology to deliver uniform volumetric heating into the dermal layers of the skin to help naturally tighten and contour underlying tissue.

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